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What is wrong with my VW air conditioner?

Asked by krdalton1 (51points) June 27th, 2011

In brief: I live in the 110 degree Southwestern desert, I have a black car with black leather interior, windows are not tinted, and my air conditioner does not cool my car off if it’s been sitting in the sun all day at work. The air blows out cold but by the time it hits my face it’s hot already! I put window shades all around my car but it is still unbearable!! I changed the cabin air filter (was filthy) but nothing changed. I don’t want to take it to get the Freon recharged just in case that isn’t the issue. Any advice besides moving do you have????

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Black absorbs heat, trade your car in for a white one. Or find a solar powered fan that can run while the car is sitting.

By the time the AC has caught up to the heat build up inside your car it will be too late to do you much good. I doubt it is the freon as at the vents you are getting cold air.

My mechanic said the AC in most cars will only do so much, a 20F drop in temp is about all you can expect from them.

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Take it to an A/C specialist. It may not be just Freon, there may be a mechanical issue. My six year old car has a new compressor YIKES… It could be a clutch that needs an adjustment, low cost too.

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I was also going to suggest the compressor :/ my brother has a black car with black int. but he has tinted windows, his compressor went. Was only hot air coming out he went 3 yrs w/out air to fix it cost 1000$.
You should just get it checked then you will know what your in for.

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Do you have the recirculation portion of the A/C on? If a black car with black interior has been sitting in the sun of 110 degree heat all day I would bet your interior is somewhere near 160 degrees. It takes a lot to cool that off.

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