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Did you feel some fears when you bought your first home?

Asked by creative1 (12061points) July 5th, 2011

I am in the process of buying my first home and I am excited but yet nervous at the same time. I know I can afford the payments and its not about that. It’s the property of my dreams on a private lake where you have docking rights and a little beach to swim it has a heated sunroom for all my many many plants and a large balcony off the master bedroom which is huge. Plenty of room for me and the girls but yet I am feeling all these fears. Is this normal when buying a new home? Did you feel this excitement and fear all rolled up in one when you were buying your first place?

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That is very natural! Try to enjoy the process. Congratulations it sounds beautiful!

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Oh yes but we also didn’t do enough research on our own and instead took the guidance of one of my relatives and some Realtor associates of theirs.

Being excited about positives, that’s natural and it sounds like you’ve got a good spot picked out. These days you almost can’t lose if you research because any address and it’s surrounding areas can be seen from satellite, crime records records looked into, etc.

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Every time we have bought a house, we have the normal amount of anxiety in the background, behind all the excitement. It’s not just the first time.

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It’s very normal, just be sure to dot the “i’s” and cross the “t’s”. I just bought my first home at the end of December and have been very happy with my decision. I was freaking out when signing the paperwork, but a house is a big commitment, and it would probably be a red flag if you weren’t anxious/nervous.

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I agree with @Neizvestnaya. The excitement was wonderful. Hindsight was another matter. As a first-time home owner, I relied on the advice of the the person doing the initial inspection. I should have done a more thorough investigation myself and asked more questions.

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Thank you all for all your insight, being new to this process I was afraid I was going through a fear of commitment. This is putting my mind somewhat at ease to find out its all normal to feel nervous this way.

I have done a through inspection since it is a foreclosure property but its in excellent condition. Right now we are just waiting on the selling bank to sign the bid amount I submitted but they have already had the property pulled from the MLS system so my agent said that is a great sign that it will be approved and we should hear any day. I have done my reasearch of the area as well and it has a wonderful school district with a rating of 9 out of 10 along with being closer to the school I want my other daughter with special needs to attend. So its a win all around. We are going back out to the property tomorrow so my mother can check it out and let me know what she thinks. If all goes according to plan we are due to close by 8/12 or sooner.

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It’s totally normal as that is a huge investment and a rather big step in life. I was actually more nervous than excited. It sounds like you have a great place and have done plenty of research. Enjoy!

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Welcome to the Land of Homeownership! Get a tool box and fill it with tools now. Also add WD-40 and Duct tape.
Consider these items insurance.

Good luck.

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Yeah, the whole process was about as enjoyable as sticking a hot poker in my eye, but I don’t regret doing it. Congratulations!

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Yup, what @worriedguy wrote and also:

Monthly exterminator/sprayer.

stack of the best air filters you can afford to change monthly.

Carpet/tile scrubber & steamer.

Clear caulk.

Remove the faceplates and switch plates to all electrical and check for yourself that all are grounded and wired properly. You’ll be surprised.

Clean out all sink and tub/shower drains before you get too comfortable.

Pull out the sinktop vent for the dishwasher and clear it out of gunk.

Pull out any refrigerator water filters and make yourself buy all at once enough to change them out every month.

Get a short rubber bucket/pail to keep under at least one of your sinks.

Buy some CLR, it works.

Just because it’s hot weather, flea bomb the place before you start moving in.

Enjoy your home, it sounds soooo nice for kids :D

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“UPDATE” the bank approved my offer and I am moving soon, YEAH!!!

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@creative1 * * * Y A Y * * *

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Thank you @YARNLADY I am so excited yet nervous, kind of so real. Its a place I can see mayself staying right thought to retirement.

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