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Who is the newest Jelly to figure out the address to the 10k mansion?

Asked by Ltryptophan (11810points) July 8th, 2011

Be ye zombie or wild rice stand, this jelly wouldn’t hesitate to pull out the knockers on you!!!

Let’s all give incendiary_dan a warm fluther welcome….


>ahem<....speech, speech, speech…...

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OMG, congratulations to one of my very favorite people. Great job young man.

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This mansion thing really rocks!

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Wow, that was quick!

Congrats, dude!
It’s great having you here, especially since SmashTheState is so rarely seen.

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sniffle I’m so touched. I’d like to thank all the little people, except the chipmunks that raided my garden (bastards).

Seriously, it’s been fun being here. I intend to waste many more hours at work on Fluther. :)

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Great Googlie Wooglie!!! Congo Rats and WTFG!!!
Let’s take the town and burn it down!

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Welcome, welcome, welcome to the 10K Mansion.
10 thousand cheers \o/ \o/ \o/......

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….......And CONGRATULATIONS too!

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Hey Dan, Welcome to the Mansion! I always appreciate your commentary and tips on survival under any circumstances!

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D’awww! One of my most favorite jellies in the entire world made it to the mansion. :)

Congratulations, kind sir. All of your answers intrigue me and I find you to be one of the most intelligent people on here. You’re quite a badass as well. I mean, who else holds zombie apocalypse classes and forages for their food?

So here’s to you, @incendiary_dan! Congratulations and may thousands of pounds of bacon come your way!

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Well, now I’m relieved for the residents of the mansion. Nevermore will they worry about whether or not they’ll eat. @incendiary_dan will lead the hunt and know which berries are edible!

Congrats on 10K, sir! Pass the conch!

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Quietly screams out from the immaculate 5k yard and dog house: Congratulations to one of our most favourite survivor men of Fluther! Now go make me a zombie sandwich – hold the fleshy bits! :P

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Congrats on the 10k! He’s the only guy I know who can build an iPod with stuff found in the woods. Some twigs, a couple of stones, a handful of moss and a beaver tail and he’s got 5G – and it’s all edible!

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@worriedguy “He’s the only guy I know who can build and iPod with stuff found in the woods.”

Too funny. :)

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Now if only I could figure out a way around those Applestore costs.

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Oh no, I asked the question too! I thought I checked the meta section! I suck

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Good job buddy. You’re one of the good ones around here.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir No, he’s just so special he gets two parties!

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here, everyone…we’ll just consolidate!

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You’re invited to my bunker anytime, Dan :)

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir – You do not suck! So there. And don’t say that again or @incendiary_dan won’t teach you how to survive the zombies.

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@KatetheGreat Now that’s just going to feed my ego. And I was doing so good on my ego diet.

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Anywho, I wrote the following

An absolutely delicious and intelligent jelly, Incendiary_Dan is now in the 10K club! Congratulations to a worthy debater, a wonderful spirit connected to earth, to battle and to justice. It’s been an honor!

so there….ahem and something about how he can burn me whenever he wants…

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@incendiary_dan It’s okay to spoil yourself once in a while! ;)

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is getting burned a new slang for getting laid? Maybe like a good rug burn? OH!

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@cockswain Just a play on his arson-rooted name.

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Dan is one of my favorite jellies, and I consider him a friend as well. I can’t think of a better comrade in the event of a zombie apocalypse (except maybe @KatetheGreat) and I’ll be honored to slaughter the undead hordes side by side with him one day.

Hats off to you, good sir.

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you could have at least said arse-on rooted. OK, I’m dorking out.

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Way to go dude!

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@cockswain Ha, yeah, well that’s why we’re a collective

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What? He hasn’t been in the mansion all this time? That is outrageous. @incendiary_dan Congratulations! You write some very interesting and thoughtful answers. I love reading your posts. Party in the mansion tonight! Let it begin!

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Oh, and Dan didn’t have to “find the address” to the mansion. He made a compass out of a needle and a puddle of water, navigated rugged alpine country and raging rivers, and sustained himself the whole way by the eating the flesh of bears he punched to death.

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Uh oh – I suspect someone is going to take over the mansion and turn it into a sustainable off-the-grid commune!

Mazel Tov @incendiary_dan – you offer a refreshingly unique perspective and a super intelligent voice to this meshuggeneh collective.

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Am I the only one here who thinks that @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard could pass for @incendiary_dan‘s twin if he also had a beard?

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard And boy are my arms tired? Wait, that’s another joke…

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@Brian1946 Dude. That’s soooo true.

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@Brian1946 My partner has actually commented on that. I do believe we are both Italian.

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@Brian1946 me and @incendiary_dan are both Italian. I’m half, at least. We both rock the sideburns, too. And we both dress kind of punky/military-esque.

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@incendiary_dan : You’re an inspiration. Congratulations!

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Plus I’m part French-Canadian, which as I understand isn’t too far off from Creoles, historically.

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@incendiary_dan ! One of the most interesting guys in the tide-pool!
I found and ate some wild black raspberries today while I was out for a walk, and I thought of you.

Congratulations! Welcome to the mansion. Can you be in the room next to mine? I’d like you nearby in case of a zombie apocalypse, nuclear meltdown, or tsunami.

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@wilma I just found like thirty black raspberry bushes behind my apartment!

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@incendiary_dan time to make some jam!

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@wilma I’m planning to dehydrate a bunch of them, along with the blueberry crop that we’re sure to harvest soon.

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Congratulations, @incendiary_dan! Well deserved!

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Oh, Dan, I’m so glad you’re here! I want you to teach me all sorts of incredibly cool stuff, and I know you’ll keep the 10K mansion safe and rockin’ during the Zombie Apocalypse, especially now that @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard has moved out. Let’s sneak your girl in for the party and we’ll eat all the cool bugs and fungussy things you can find for us!

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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FĂ©licitations, @incendiary_dan! In honor of your achievement, I’m going to forage in the woods for berries and start on the paleo diet.

Seriously. It’s time to do this thing.

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Dammit @incendiary_dan You finally made it!! I thought for sure you would have tunneled you way in here a long time ago! Congrats on the 10 Grand!

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So @incendiary_dan, how does it feel for our favorite iconoclast to reap all this societal adulation? I’m delighted you’re here. I have learned a gret deal for the survivalist knowledge you’ve amassed. I hope it’s sufficient to carry you through the embarrassment of a 10K party. Congratulations, and keep up the good fight.

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I’m sorry none of you were able to answer correctly. The correct answer to the question asked is Chuck Norris. incendiary_dan told him.

yes, Chuck Norris has a fluther account, no I don’t know which, yes you should ask incendiary_dan if you would like to know, Chuck Norris is certainly capable of shapeshifting so incendiary_dan’s being Chuck Norris can’t be ruled out, for instance Chuck Norris might want to hide his true form to be ever so slightly less intimidating…which doesn’t seem to be working if this is the case

Danny are you Chuck Norris, out with it!?

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Congrats on reaching 10k, you’re pretty awesome. :)

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Incendiary Dan is a fine young man
cooks his squirrels in a frying pan
combs his hair with a Turkey bone
he’d come in handy at my home!

Get out the way of young Incendiary Dan
it’s not too late to give him supper
Mansions ready and supper is cookin’
Incendiary Dans just standin’ here lookin’

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Oh hell yeah! Zombies, I can take care of. But if I was lost in a forest, I’d love to have him as a guide. He also rocks on Fluther. Congrats man. I was gonna say, keep up being awesome; but not being awesome is the only thing you don’t know.

Cheers, friend. :)

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Congratulations, Dan! You’ve really added a lot to our community, and we thank you for it. :D

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Nice job Dan.

reeaaaaallllll niiiiiiicccccceee

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Congrats @incendiary_dan, I always look forward to your replies and I have learned much from what you have to say. For the last week or so people have been looking at me strangely a lot and it is all because of you and your link to fox walking!

Keep up the good work and informative posts. Cheers mately!

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Dude you’re ON FIRE! Congrats! : )

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Wow I heard there was an explosion over at the mansion? And there was! It was @Incendiary_Dan moving in. It’s going to get a bit noisy I think will all that weaponry going off. Congratulations Dan. Always interesting posts and you always have a different perspective.

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Congratulations! :)

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Congratulations! :-)

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Great job! Congratulations. :)

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Congratulations, Handsome Dan! Welcome to the mansion – try not to burn it down :)

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congrats and welcome to the mansion! Thank goodness there are woods nearby: I nominate you for head of the hunting and poke salad committee.

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Dan my man, you rock!
Congrats on the 10K!

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Finally! Now we can really get serious in the kitchen!

Right in the middle of our super-duper decked out gourmet kitchen that is equipped with every modern gadget known to man, we’ve set up a new station just for you @incendiary_dan! Right above your station, we’ve cut out a giant skylight and a chimney vent, so it will always feel like you are outside in the woods (plus we’ve installed some of those speakers that look like rocks that will pipe in the sounds of crickets chirping and streams flowing, to make it seem more outdoorsy-like). There’s a giant firepit surrounded by multi-person hammocks (you can fit 10 jellies per hammock), so that we can all sit and watch you perform your culinary magic.

For your exclusive use, we have filled a rucksack with rocks. Sharp rocks, smooth rocks, jagged rocks, big rocks and small rocks. These will be your own special kitchen utensils. I am totally excited to have you show us how to make kitchen tools out of rocks and how to cook over an open fire.

Instead of giving you a room in the mansion, we’ve set up a deluxe dome tent out in the garden, your garden which is filled with wild blackberries (rubus armeniacus), fiddle head ferns (matteuccia struthiopteris), wild asparagus (asparagus officinalis), burdock (arctium lappa), chicory (cichorium tinybus), and curled dock (rumex crispus). We’ve also set up a walk-in schroomery so you can cultivate whatever mushrooms you like, with a couple of logs set up in a shady outdoor area so you can get some morels going. Next to that is a truffle pit (whatever that is).

Feel free to wear a tie or not, to your party. Or just wear a loincloth. Or wear a tie and a loincloth! Either way, welcome!

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10Kongratulations (I hope you’re not going to sell out and actually live in the mansion)

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Now I want a jelly cuddle in a hammock. Pile on!

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Congratulations, @incendiary_dan!

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Good job, @incendiary_dan .

As far as I am concerned, your questions and answers are some of the most valuable on fluther, and I respect you because you care about our planet and you respect the flora and fauna upon it. You are knowledgeable without being pompous or loud, and you are one of the best understated jellies on this site. I always get far more from your questions and answers than most others, and the knowledge I gain whenever I read them is valuable to me indeed. I hope you stay on for awhile.

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Well Done!!!!

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Congrats and welcome to the mansion! You always have interesting answers and you are a valuable addition to the club!

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Congratulations, @incendiary_dan!

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Congratulations, I think you’re a great Flutherer. Young intellectuals for the win.

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Hurray!! Dan the man is here! And just in time too… please come down to the basement tap-room where the new Incendiary Brew is fermented and ready for the first sampling. It’s made from wild hops, wild rice and blueberries and honeysuckle with just a hint of dandelion.


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I’m so sad I’m late! Congrats!!! You give me great garden advice! And your answers are always stupendous. Woohoo!

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So I noticed right before I hit 10k that someone had gone around giving me lurve on questions I’d asked. Three got GQs at the same time and that’s what put me over the mark. So, which one of you was it? :P

I’ll carry on with my duties of carving up meals with stone tools and making bow-drill fires in hammocks while sipping homebrews now.

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@incendiary_dan Damn. If I ever find a lost civilization to explore, you’ll be the first to know. :)

That is, if you haven’t found it before me. :D

incendiary_dan's avatar

@Symbeline I found it before they built it.

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I’m playing this game, Castlevania Lords of Shadow where so far, I’m running around in these ancient city ruins and it’s totally awesome. (even though that series used to be about vampires and huge castles…) It made me think about how awesome it would be to explore an actual lost civilization. But minus huge spiders and guys riding war pigs…I just wanna explore, stop tryna kill me!

…anyways, congrats again. :)

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You hit 10k when I was on my little fluther break so I will congratulate you now.

You are a powerful ally in the war against the undead scourge, and, more importantly, you are my friend. I am happy and grateful that you found your way to us here at fluther and hope that you stick around for another 10k. Congratulations!

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Any lover of the outdoors is a friend of mine. Congrats! So happy Fluther found you. :D

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Congratulacationaryisticalatory @incendiary_dan !!

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Yeesh. I get sidetracked by RL for a few days and here you are burnin’ down the house :)

You are truly unique and a font of knowledge. I always love reading your stuff. Well deserved 10K honors. Congrats.

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In case anyone missed it, my admission into the mansion was pretty well timed to match up with my interview. :)

I’m famous. Sorta. :P

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Am I too late for the point party? sigh….

Oh yeah! – Congrats on an enlightening interview, as well!

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Congrats, Dan!!

Dutchess_III's avatar

:( How come I din’t get a interview. WAAAAAA!

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Way late.


incendiary_dan's avatar

@Jude Better late than never!

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