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Will you ever be quoted?

Asked by rebbel (33099points) July 10th, 2011

Most probably most of us will not reach that fame that people, in the future, are going to recite quotes of us.
But maybe, just maybe, they will.
So take your chance and let Fluther be the site where your quote saw its first light.
What quote you want people later on to recall?
Make one up right now, or give one that you already say for years and which is originally yours.

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I just shook The Magic 8 Ball. The answer came up as, “Highly Doubtful”.

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“Just do it,” from 1965

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“I will quit being lazy, starting tomorrow.”

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“It wasn’t me.”

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I have been on numerous occasions, actually.

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Anytime you hear the word “meatcake” you know it came from me.
I am filled with pride. XD

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Faith is to God what Agnosticism is to the Question Mark.

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Fight fire with water.

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I have a hard enough time remembering what other people say.

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I was quoted on a club sweatshirt from an university and in the POETRY magazine. Cool :D

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It was like that when I found it.

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Don’t have a cow, man!

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The rainbow may have many colours, but they all go towards the same damn pot of gold.

I’ve often used that while voicing my thoughts on human behaviour and nature. Whether it’s worthy or not, I denno. If I cut off my ear or something, maybe it will. XD

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Does this count?

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I already have. People copy my answers on Y!A all the time to increase their score.

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@YARNLADY That’s plagiarism. I assume the mods won’t do anything if you tell them about it?

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@Symbeline The site I am referring to has no mods.

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Yep. I was quoted here, about 2 days ago. ;-)

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I have been, yes. Quite a few times.

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Well there a few people on here who constantly quote what we say. Use it as a vehicle to respond in kind, slightly irritates me, but then I digress.
Don’t piss down my back & tell me it’s raining.
I need little excuse to churn out that little beauty, coz it’s true see.

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My kids quote me all the time. (They are grown) Usually though, it is in the context of remember when you said x? You were wrong. :)

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I already have been quoted, but not by anyone famous (as far as I know). ^_^

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