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Where should I stay when in Elkhart, Wisconsin?

Asked by JLeslie (54569points) July 10th, 2011

Not crazy expensive. Preferably within 10 minutes of the Road America track. I hate bedspreads and those icky blankets.

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Why would anyone be in Wisconsin????

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Race at Road America.

Actually Shaboygan is not that far, must be a vacation spot during summer?

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what kind of race?

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hhmmm…I guess that’s ok then. Have fun! Hopefully, you can find someone to answer this question for you!

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@Schroedes13 What? Wisconsin in heaven.

I’m more of a northern Wisconsin kind of girl, but maybe this will help. The Sheboygan lakefront is lovely.

You might be interested in Blue Harbor Resort in Sheboygan. it’s farther away than what you are looking for though. I think it’s 20 miles from Elkhart

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The town of Plymouth is close by, I wonder if it is rinky dink?

@jonsblond There is a log bed and breakfast close to the track that caught my interest.

The pool looks like fun, and I love the idea of being on the lake, but I am afraid it would be too overrun with children for my husband that week. After racing in the heat all day it is nice to have quiet.

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Sorry @jonsblond, I am a Canadian and the only things I know about Wisconsin are from what I’ve seen in “That 70’s Show” lol…sorry again!

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@Schroedes13 My heart belongs to Canada and I’ve never been there. Wisconsin (actually, the UP of Michigan) is as close as I’ve been. =)

@JLeslie Hopefully you can find something in the Elkhart link I provided. Looks like a good time. Good luck!

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lol your heart belongs to Canada! It truly is a wonderful nation and you are welcome anytime!

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