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How do you organize the food in your freezer, so it's not like an avalanche when you open the door?

Asked by jca (36043points) July 11th, 2011

My freezer is fairly full of bags of food, waffles, nuts, flours, etc. When I open the freezer door, it’s like an avalanche. I have to place a few things on top and slam the door shut.

How do you organize the food in your freezer so it’s not like a disaster?

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Flat stuff on the bottom, lumpy stuff on top.

Bags of frozen vegetables & fruit can be smacked flat.

Liquids can be frozen flat. I put chicken stock in a gallon ziploc bag, and then another gallon ziploc bag (chances of spillage are kinda high) and then freeze it lying flat.

So my chicken stock is shaped like a pizza box.

And hurrah for cheap shelves.

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Hahahaha. I am assuming it is not a side by side. I would buy some clear plastic bins from bed bath and beyond, office depot, or home depot. Something like this if you use the covers you can stack on top also. Or, just leave them open. Measure and bring a measuring tape to the store.

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My stuff falls out too. Bags of frozen chicken is really hard to keep flat. The ice tray seems to spew ice everywhere and I’m certain the porkchops on the bottom are over a year old. I like @jaytkay‘s suggestion and may try finding some of those shelves.

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Can you store any of those things in tupperware containers instead of bags? They will stack better.

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I have chest freezers so I don’t have to worry about things falling out.

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@WestRiverrat – I have a chest freezer too and I have no idea what is in the very bottom. I am afraid if I lean in far enough to see, I will fall in and never be heard from again!

I have one shelf in my fridge freezer. All meats go on the bottom and anything else on the top. I too freeze stock in zip lock bags, then you can break off a piece if you don’t want a whole cup. Plastic containers are good but don’t drop them right after you take them out, they are so brittle they can break like glass.

I agree though, it is not easy. My other complaint is the fridge itself. I need a much bigger drawer for veg, everything gets squashed from trying to get it all in.

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very carefully. Although full size, chest freezers work better!

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