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What's the deal with "Personalized Questions?

Asked by Carol (731points) June 15th, 2007

The more you Fluther, the more personalized your questions become. What does this mean?
And How do you "direct" answers to people?
And, are the people asking the questions, notified 3 months later when someone happens to answer it then?

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if you look in the right hand corner of the page, right where you log in, there is a link that says "questions for you". the site will send you questions for topics you are interested in, so if you really like cooking, the cooking questions will go to your inbox and you can go right to your inbox instead of sifting through other questions.

Also, there's a link called "activity you are following"--the site will show a link there if there have been new answers to a question you asked. Plus, they will email you if you haven't logged in a while and there are new answers for your old questions.

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And if you want to respond to someone and keep it private, which issue arises occasionally, click on the sender's name and another link comes up, to facilitate this.

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