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The most insulting thing anyone has ever said to you was...

Asked by FutureMemory (24476points) July 21st, 2011

A junior high teacher once asked me to stay after class. As soon as all the other students had left the room, she said to me with a very condescending smile “I just wanted to tell you that soap and water make a person smell wonderful.”

Ugh! The nerve of that *^!%+ I actually asked multiple people throughout the day to smell me. None reported anything amiss. I felt so… wronged, haha.

Can you relate a similar story where someone came out of left field with something highly insulting, that had absolutely no merit?

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I honestly can’t remember a single event that stands out, but it is probable that in my case it was also a teacher, they told me “you will never be anyone in life” as well as calling me “furniature boy” with the insinuation being that I’m only good for taking up room. Maybe I should mail the bitch a copy of my paycheck this week.

Insults are very creative where I live, e.g “I shit on your dead relatives and blood line” being fairly popular here, but they are too run of the mill to offend, and I’m probably past being able to be offended at this point in life.

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I don’t really know this always stuck with me. But I’ve always taken personal offense (and still am offended) when people used to talk me in regards to my race, mannerisms, and personality. Most of this was in high school, so we were all dumb teens, but it always pissed me off.

But any time someone would say things along the lines of me being or acting white, saying I’m not black or african american because I’m not a stereotype, or insinuating that the default for blacks is being uneducated or violent and I’m the exception always really pissed me off. For the obvious reason that black people aren’t born misogynistic rappers and drug dealers or whatever.

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@Blackberry Let’s both take a few minutes to look at again so we can laugh our asses off at those idiots :)

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@FutureMemory Lol. I was actually reading both blackpeopleloveus, and stuffwhitepeoplelike the other day lol.

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@Blackberry well that is understandably offensive. Can’t say that I blame you.

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I can’t repeat it….it still stings too much. People can be so cruel. :(

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I can totally sympathize with the story about a teacher remarking on your “stench”; I have had similar occurrences. I think some people may have extremely heightened smelling senses, so they can detect the slightest whiff of anything unpleasant.

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A girl I went to high school with came into the store where I worked about 7 years ago, when I was about the same weight I am now (so overweight, but not obese). She asked me if I was pregnant while looking at my belly. Let me add that this girl has always been pushing at least 350, and was pregnant in high school. Nobody knew.

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This has only happened once, but I found it powerfully insulting when I went extremely out of my way to do something for someone upon their request only to have them turn around and tell me “You don’t care.”

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It’s not the most insulting thing, but I always feel slighted when people don’t believe I’m an athlete just because I have big tits and a big ass. I mean c’mon, that’s not nice… I’d be happy to prove it one day if anyone asks lol.
Oh, and what @Blackberry said.

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I was answering phones one day at work and this lady calls in and for some reason has a hellof a time understanding me at all, which makes little sense as I have a neutral accent, and speak to people from around the US and have never had a problem being understood. She got frustrated and said she needed someone who spoke English.

“Sorry I don’t speak bitchinese”

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Someone called me nice once, I punched them in the throat. They still speak funny to this day.
I mean, nice!?! Oh how very normal/average/twee…...fuck off!!

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My ex boyfriend’s grandpa (a retired engineer) asked me about my career goals and I told him I also wanted to be an engineer. He immediately asked me what the square root of 225 was and I, caught off guard, didn’t answer right away. He then told me I would never be able to be an engineer. :|

Later on I was helping him and my ex bake a cake in preparation for a party they were hosting, and the man said he was glad I was helping in the kitchen so he could teach me how to be a “good housewife.” :| :|

Not insulting so much as offensive.

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When I was 19, I was accepted into a automotive program, and I had to be interviewed by the head of this particular program. The guy tried to tell me “I don’t like letting females in because all of you bitch, whine, moan, and complain. When something is too heavy, you don’t try, and then you try to bite our heads off we say something wrong.” I personally felt insulted. But needless to say, I got in the program, and I proved that mf*er wrong.

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When I was 14 my friend told me I had changed… I said in a good or bad way and she said bad but wouldn’t tell me why. thought it was pointless, obviously I wasn’t the person she wanted me to be? Not the worst thing ever, but still… ?

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I used to edit a club newsletter. Somebody sent me an article that was a raving mess, not fit to print, and I turned it down. He replied in a scathing letter that said he would not submit anything again until the stench of my editorship had faded from the nostrils of Father Time.

That stung, even considering the source and the circumstances. Still, I wanted to reply (but didn’t) that if his article had been as well written as his complaint, I probably would have printed it.

It’s one of the few times that I’ve managed to maintain a dignified silence.

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I was in 9th grade, having lunch at my table, minding my own business. Some guy sitting with his back to me at another table got up, and from across my table told me, “I slept with your mom last night”. I stood up, and spat a loogie across the table onto his neck. (Close enough) He walked away, and sat back down at his table as his friends laughed at him.

My whole school was full of punks like that. Don’t start something you can’t finish.

(This wasn’t the most insulting thing ever said to me, it just stuck in my memory)

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“Maybe people would like you more if you had a six-pack like your dad”.
Idiots. My life is full of them.

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An ex employer, after the court had decided that they would have to pay me two extra months salary, wrote me letter (on a non letterheaded paper) that I was “less than a person with the syndrome of Down” and “that by receiving (and accepting) that money I knowingly and deliberately took the food out of the mouths of hungry, dying children in Africa”.
I was ready to jump in my car and pull the bastard over his desk and punch him some but fortunately my then girlfriend persuaded me to cool down for an hour.
I asked a lawyer what steps I could take, they adviced me to not react and let it go.
Never got any more.

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Some of these are hilarious!

Not in a haha way, more in a what a moron that person was! way.

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An ex-boyfriend and I were debating pornography. My opinion was that women in typical pornographic magazines and movies are thin with big breasts and nice asses because that is what men want to see. He said the magazines are telling men what they are supposed to like.

I said something along the lines of “You wouldn’t pay to see some fat ass girl up there twirling around a pole.” He said, “I don’t know. I’ve never seen you up there.”

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With me it has only happened on line. To do it within arms reach would be bad. One of the perks of being large.

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A teacher came up to me one day because I was having a laughing fit and said “Maybe you should see a councillor about your little spazums”.
That was the sadest day of my life.

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He said that he hopes I end up pissing myself in a wheelchair.I have MS.

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I was about to hit GA on your post @lucillelucillelucille, but it feels so awkward to respond with “Great Answer!” to something like that. For this one, pretend my GA says “What a dick.”

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@Prosb—That is an understatement.;)

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@lucillelucillelucille Wow, I kind of want to piss on him and hit him with a wheelchair.


@FutureMemory A former co-worker once said to me, “You gotta good build Mister”. I initially took that as a compliment, until the guy said “That’s unusual for an Asian man.” My goodness, when does ethnicity determines a person’s body build I thought?! Height, maybe, but not body build. Pretty ignorant.

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@MRSHINYSHOES Because most Asian dudes got “no ass syndrome”. He was checking you out.


@woodcutter Lol. Checking me out? Omg.

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