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What are some fun ways to start using tons of data on my AT&T unlimited data plan?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10196points) July 29th, 2011

ATT just decided to throttle anyone who has an unlimited data plan after a certain amount of usage in a billing cycle. I never use anywhere near enough to get “throttled”, so I am feeling a little cheated. Do I need more friends to spend mindless hours sharing media with?

I am going to start watching movies…done.

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Play tons of games.

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Watching movies, you are on the right track.

Watch a lot of Youtube.

Listen to streaming music as much as possible.

Video is by far the most bandwidth-sucking application the average user will utilize. Audio is distant second.

Everything else is insignificant in comparison.

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download the iā™„radio app and keep it on for a few hours, watch a movie or video online like youtube or others.

download lots of apps and games without using wifi.

email big attachments to yourself, and then download them to your phone.

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Bittorrent… And yes, I use around 8Gigs per day.

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Or you can continue with your normal usage, so it doesn’t slow down everyone else unnecessarly…
BTY, I too have unlimited data plan, and find my download speeds drop off significantly during Peak use.

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Hook it up to your computer and use it as a tethered modem. Surf the internet and download many large install files over and over again. queue them up and you should hit your limit in less than a week.

Why not just connect it to your local Wi-Fi and bypass the cell download.

So many options. Eitherway AT&T will charge you more eventually.

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Spam AT&T with messages informing them that you’re going to “throttle back” your monthly payments because they’re putting bandwidth limits on your “unlimited” plan.

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Download the Netflix app for iOS/Android.

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