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What's somthing juicy and devious that you got away with doing?

Asked by kevbo (25672points) May 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

Once our ad agency asked us to collect signatures from male employees for a full page newspaper ad with the concept being “1,000 men of courage taking a stand against domestic violence.” I submitted the name “Stanley Kowalski” and it ran.

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i got a C in computer class, because the questions on the test wheren’t computer based or knowledge based….all the anwsers where in a text about this company we had to study before the test, so, i got a C, feeling this as a little injust, i “broke into” the grading system and changed it to a B

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I came up with a near sure-fire way to cheat on an exam. The class meant nothing to me except the outcome of my grade, so I said what the hell.

I typed up a fully detailed cheat sheet in Word and shrunk it down to the smallest font size I could possibly read. Next I searched for the perfect plastic soda bottle, I believe I decided on a green, 16 ounce 7-Up container. I then loosened the the bottle’s plastic band with a letter opener enough to be able to slide in the shrunken cheat sheet. The info, facing the inside of the bottle, could easily be read if I stared inside, much like the usual contest info, etc. I even left enough liquid so that I actually had to drink or tilt to reveal the secret information. The greatest thing about this was the fact that I could set it right on my desk and just copy straight off. Needless to say, I was quite proud of this method.

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I got away with eating the most scrumptious peach. Needless to say, it was rather juicy!

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peedub that’s genius. I wish you were in all of my classes.

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I would totally let you peep my exam.

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I was a drug addict for 6 years and my family still doesn’t know.

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Mind saying what type of drugs?

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…. juicy and devious….
Chewing gum on line…...

IE: Blazing Saddles

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Stole a pie when I was 9. My friend and I ate it up under the house. Later my ma
gathered all the kids in the three households (we were on vacation) and seriously
asked the culprit to come forward. She knew it wasn’t one of her children because
we were always good. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

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the funny thing was that I had been doing it soo long that when I was coming down my family thought I was stoned

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My roommate and I worked at this restaurant in Portland Oregon. About three in the morning we were drunk as hell. We were supposed to be at work at 9 the next morning. We rode our bike s to work and squirted superglue in all the locks. We rolled into work about 11 and all the manageers and other employees were waiting for a locksmith. There was a second level of offices above the restaurant and a balcony. The manager paid my roommate $20 to climb over the balcony and unlock the door. We didnt get wrote up for being late. In high school i also squirted superglue in the lock of my english class when we went to lunch and i took a dead catfish to school and superglued it in a a locker. It really smelled bad and the school had a bounty out for the superglue bandits but the only person who knew was me so i never got caught.

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When I was about 14 and friend and I broke in to a vacant house on our street. We decided it would be fun to bake a cake. (Why we did not do this in our own kitchens has never been discovered.) We made the cake & had ourselves a small little party. Later, when the new family got moved in we bacame friends with them. They think it was funny that we took their kitchen for a “test drive” before they did.

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