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They look like aliens with beaks.

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That’s easy enough to answer.

(The one on the left.)

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How cool!! – when did that come up? wasn’t there yesterday….

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I just made it now :) lol

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Nice one :)

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That is so RAD!

Didn’t you actually see them? You tell us. I saw some the other day that looked like this.

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Here’s a different species.

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Well, I was hit by hurling ball right after, remember??’s all a bit fuzzy…

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I like those Alien Birds.

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@ richardhenry that is cool! heheh

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@ richardhenry~~that is just how I pictured them in my mind. lol!

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@ richardhenry – After seeing your pic, I’m kinda worried about that tree penquin. The alien looks to be eyeing him hungrily. He might have a taste for arboreal aquatic fowl.

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I think the penguin is communicating with the alien’s tail….or is that that alien’s mouth?

Anything goes with these creatures, so who knows.

richardhenry's avatar

I believe it’s a stabbing tail action, then a munching with the beak.

I think I actually used more of a bill. What was I thinking?

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Nice. Well at least I know what tattoo back piece I’m getting.

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