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Are you feeling dirty, jellies? I know that Hungry Guy is. He made his way into the 10K mansion?

Asked by Jude (32098points) September 3rd, 2011

So, make him get down on all fours for a congratulatory spanking.


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Congratulations! I love your posts and insight.

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Congrats! :-)

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Welcome to the mansion, HungryGuy.

We’ve picked out the finest ladies in the world to prepare a harem for you!

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Congratulations, @HungryGuy!

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Félicitations, @HungryGuy!

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Congratulations! :)

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Way to go, Hungry Guy. Sit down the the massive banquet table in the mansion’s grand dining hall. Let’s see if we can’t appease that appetite of yours. But first a toast to a great Jelly. Kanpai!!

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Holy latex! Hell hath no horrors like that erotic HungryGuy. Congrats!

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Congrats to the only guy that I know that writes erotica!

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Well Done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Way to go dude!

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Woooooooooo! Congrats mon frere!

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CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS!! Your friends have offered up some enticing images!! You sound like the kinda guy I should know!!!

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Congrats! We all saw it coming! Way to go!

Let me get my lurve funnel. I want your lurve in my mouth. Spray it all….over….me

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Good job, @HungryGuy, congratulations!

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That’s what’s up mann!!! Congrats!!!

By the way, I do feel dirty. I haven’t showerd in days.

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Twinkle twinkle Hungry Guy
up above the mansion high
we needn’t wonder what you are
we know you are a 10k star!


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@Coloma That was beautiful!

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Congrats to a HungryGuy with an interesting mind!!

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@Coloma As The Doctor would say

Wait till you read book 7 Ooohh, I cried

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I was going to make a comment about dripping, pouty-faced sex nymphs and leather bindings, but I decided not to.

Either way, congratulations!

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WTFG @HungryGuy!!! You are one of my favorite jellies! Thanks for being one of the reasons I love this site! Congo Rats!!!

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Well, look what happens when I stay away for a while :-p

So, aww shucks and golly gee wilikers. Thanks everyone!

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@HungryGuy umm, I did notice the dearth of responses from you lately… how did you get to 10K that way?? Even more impressive!! XD

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Congrats on the 10 Grand….welcome to the mansion and grab yourself a bite to eat!

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We should all form one gigantic Jelly human centipede for @HungryGuy :D

Congratulations friend, cheers! ^^

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Congratulations! :)

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@linguaphile – I dunno how it happened. I guess I’m just so likable (?!?!) that people kept giving me lurve while I stayed away. I started getting flooded with emails from Fluther today, so….

@Symbeline – As long as I get to be the “head” with you second behind me :-p

Lurve ya’ all!

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It’s a star ‘studded’ cast I see. lol

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@HungryGuy Ah, if we were in a perfect world…:D

@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard LMFAO XD

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@Symbeline – And for my first meal as the head of the centipede, I’d eat a big bowl of super-hot chili, just for you to enjoy later :-p

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There is no god.

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@HungryGuy But if there was one main intestine that ran through the entire centipede, with openings hooked to other entrails in each person so we all get nourishment, I wonder if I’d get to enjoy it. Eh, either way, epic.

Remember that question you made once, about who on Fluther would be in which part of the centipede, and it got pulled? Or maybe it was AB, I dun remember. Still, good times, man. :D

@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard And that’s a good thing. ^^

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@Symbeline – Oh, I’m sure you’d get to enjoy it. Though it won’t taste much like chile when it’s your turn to taste it :-p

And nah, the old AB never pulled questions or answers (as long as they weren’t outright spam or personal attacks). That’s what I liked and miss about it. Bizarre Qs that fit no other category just got moved to “Outside The Bag” category and/or got flagged as over 18 only.

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Congratulation to a hungry guy! Pancakes and chocolate for everyone!!

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Every kind of chocolate (except white…) Milk chocolate with and without nuts, dark chocolate with and without nuts and/or mint and caramel filling… I just went to the store and bought bags of chocolates, including several baggies of those Lindt dark chocolate truffles, mmmmmmmm. =0)

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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Great job!

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Oh dear lord, @Symbeline and @HungryGuy. You guys made me lose my appetite.

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@KateTheGreat – You had your chance… :-p

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Congratulations, @HungryGuy! Sometimes your posts make me giggle, and sometimes they make me cringe. I think that’s a balance that all should strive toward :)

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Congratulations @HungryGuy. I’m so happy to welcome you to the 10K Mansion. Your state of the are dungeon room awaits you.:D

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Congrats @HungryGuy! Or shall I just call you Dark Lord?

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Awwwwlllllllriiiiiiight congrats!

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Just for you, we’re adding a dungeon to the Mansion! Congrats!

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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Congratulations to Hungry Guy!

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Congrats on the 10k! your questions are consistently strange/fascinating/thought provoking and I’m more than a tiny bit afraid of you. haha.

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Congrats starving man.

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Can’t wait till it’s my turn!!!

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@ANef_is_Enuf – Don’t be afraid of me. I don’t bite (unless you give me permission to :-p

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Congratulations and best wishes on 10K. With your writing skills, will you let those of us who are nowhere near know what it looks like? As an incentive to us.

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@Sunny2 – There’s not much to say. But it’s a good way to meet kinky horny women :-p

(I guess that’s a pretty good incentive, eh?)

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@HungryGuy In other words, you’re not going to share. Is that nice?

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That’s up to the women to do the “sharing”...

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Hey! Are you going to eat her that? Need help?
Congrats on the 10k!. .

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@worriedguy – Yeah, I’m gonna swallow her one of these days :-p

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@HungryGuy & @worriedguy I give up. I know when I’m licked.

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@Sunny2 – If you want a peek into how my mind works, look [NSFW] here.

(It’s not pretty.)

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And here I thought you already were in the Mansion.


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I’m not really one for mansions…

Now give me an old Welsh castle overlooking the Irish Sea…

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@HungryGuy Sorry, not until 40k

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Late, late… sorry. I was trying to line up Maddona for your mansion welcome party. My first awareness of you on Fluther was as a maths genius, then as a compassionate human, and finally, surprised by your erotica reputation.

You’re still a compassionate genius to me. not that those qualities are excluded from sexuality, at all

Congratulations, and welcome to the 10k house!!

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@Blueroses – Aww, golly gee wilikers. <blush> Thanks.

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@HungryGuy That innocent juxtaposition just makes me giggle. “Golly gee wilikers!”, he exclaimed in relief as he emptied his ___ and she greedily lapped it up.

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Lmao that was awesome lol.

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It seems I’m destined to miss all the fun weekend parties – congratulations, @HungryGuy!

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Extremley sorry I’m late @HungryGuy but hey, I bought some chocolate sauce ;)
You’re a special jelly who’s got a special space in my heart, no kidding. Congrats!

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@MilkyWay – Awwwww! Thanks! :-)



Hey, let’s celebrate your achievement with some RealHotDolls tonight! Er, I mean Real Hot Rolls. Either way, you’d agree with me that they’re both yummy, right? ;)

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