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Do you like hugs?

Asked by Tbag (3325points) September 14th, 2011

I understand that some people hate hugs and it baffles me a bit. I love hugs to be honest! What do you feel when you’re hugged by the person you love?
Speaking about hugs, I could really use one now. :(

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Just how did you come up with your nick, anyways??

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I love hugs! They make me feel special and cheer me up! ♥ And I’ll give you an internet hug! :D

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I like to cheer someone who needs a hug. I always find it awkward to give a hug, especially if I find the person sexually attractive.

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From the right person I do. I’ll give you a hug.

My husband feels very odd hugging someone he is not very close to, and he thinks it is extremely odd to hug and not kiss. I am not talking about a romantic kiss, I mean when you greet someone after having not seen them for a while in the middle of the country (the US) many people hug. Other parts of the country they kiss on the cheek hello. He would only naturally hug someone like a very close family member or dear friend before/after the cheek kiss.

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I love hugs. From friends and close people they’re better, sure, and there’s nothing like hugging a significant other. But I love hugs of all kinds. In 8th grade I was voted Most Huggable, after all… :P


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I like hugs, but I can say several people on the receiving end of my “bear” hugs probably hate hugs.

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It’s simple…hugs are good…

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TeaBags TBag

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I like hugsssssssss! But yea I did know a friend who didn’t like hugs and thought they were awkward. I’d always go upto him pretending I was about to hug him just to tease him :P Funnily enough by end of college he was completely okay with hugs and gave me one himself… so I’d like to think it was me that “fixed” him :P

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I dislike hugs. And hugging. And people who try to hug me. Unless I’m drunk. Then you can hug me.

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I like hugs if the person actually knows how to hug. My SIL does that fake bend forward, barely touch kind of hug. That’s not a hug in my book. I don’t need to wrap myself around someone, but I want to feel the sincerity darn it all!

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I like hugs. I’m not sure if it’s just my circle of friends or me. We all do it – men and women – when we see each other after a long time (more than about a month).

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I love hugs! One of the reasons my ex-wife is my EX-wife is becuse we were miles apart on physical affection. She use to be fond of saying, “I’m not a touch person!”

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I love hugs especially unexpected ones and ones from my sons!

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I love hugs, but not always from total strangers.
Sometimes I will hug a stranger if I am moved to compassion, but when I really think about it, I probably hug people more out of a sense of social obligation than because I feel it. You know, that fakey cocktail party hug?
Thanks a lot. ~. Now that I realize it, I’m going to feel even more awkward in those situations. I have never been good at small talk.

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I like hugs, but usually for a reason not just random acts. ((((((Hugs))))) to you.

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I live for hugs. :D

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:: patiently waits for @ANef_is_Enuf to get drunk so as to administer hug ::

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:: patiently waits for @cprevite to provide a tasty beverage. ;D ::

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I absolutely love hugs, specifically bear hugs!

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@Schroedes13 I imagine your hugs are borderline lethal.

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:: prepares chocolate-chip frozen mudslide for @ANef_is_Enuf ::


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@ANef_is_Enuf Not lethal, more in the general vicinity of awesome!!!

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@cprevite knows how to earn a hug.

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Hugs are awesome!!! I like to randomly PM jellies with “drive-by huggings”. =0)

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Depends on who the person is.

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One more hug for you ^^ [ x ]

Well some of my friends do not to get a hug but they can’t really say NO to me. I’m just to big and they can’t “fight” my urge to hug them. I like them and I hug a lot of people even those that I barely know. Most feel a bit weird but after a while they aren’t bothered by it.

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There’re awkward hugs, unwanted hugs and the best damn hugs ever! In the latterest category there, they’re just a random intimate moment making everything better about everything. Whatever you were caught up in before is gone in an instant for a brief moment. Hugs’re just a kind gesture that mean so much we don’t even realize it.

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I like hugs now as an adult but I didn’t like them as a kid. My family wasn’t one for hugs or kisses and I didn’t miss it or think anything was wrong with us, I still felt very loved by the people important to me, didn’t think the hugs were necessary.

As I’ve grown though, I have come to appreciate the simplicity of hugs to soften a hard day or be a comfort spot for a few minutes, no words needed. Hugs are great!

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Hugs are great! I can do without the kiss-kiss half-assed social hugs. And I appreciate being asked if I need one sometimes. I usually do.

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I love hugs with someone I love… its a wonderful feeling…

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I only like hugs if I feel like I’m comfortable enough with the person to accept or give a hug to them. Like I’ve said before, when I’m not being hugged the concept just seems strange to me, but when I am being hugged by the right people it’s quite nice.

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@laineybug well said. I like that answer.

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@laineybug Yes totally agree! :)

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I love hugs!

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Yes but I’m always self-conscious that I’m a ‘bad hugger’.

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I love hugs, especially from moms. they give big boobie hugs =)

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I love hugging pillows.

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@jonsblond You are so right.

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@Jellie Don’t you just love big awkward boobie hugs! lol


I love hugs. My mother and father didn’t hug me me when I was growing up, so I crave for it now. ((((HUGS)))).

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@MRSHINYSHOES, that’s sad. :( [Hugs]


(((((@AshLeigh))))) Thank you.

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