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Do you tip the homeless people begging for money off exits on the freeway?

Asked by raven860 (2163points) October 5th, 2011

Lately I have seen too many people with boards looking for money. My heart goes out to such people and I wanted to know if you tend to give some money to them? Are they most likely to spend it on drugs, alcohol, cigarettes?

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If I can safely stop and I have a few extra dollars in my pocket, then I gladly give it to them. I don’t really care what they spend it on. They’re homeless and I’m not. If they can buy something to give themselves a little comfort when they are cold and hungry, I’m certainly not going to wag my finger and tell them they can’t.

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I gave some money to the guy by in my neighborhood the other day. I feel bad though now, because I rarely have cash and he is there every day.

What they do with the money is not my problem.

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I usually give people change if I have any. I don’t care what they do with it.

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I usually give food/money if I have it to spare. I’m with the other responders. Maybe they’ll spend it poorly, but I know what it’s like to be hungry, so I’ll risk it.

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I never give people money. I pass out cards that are provided by the service agencies here in our area.

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I do… often. And I know they are usually gonna use it for a fix. So what. I’ve been, homeless, hungry, and sick.

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Give them food instead, or save them time and just give them crack.

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I do not. I worked to earn my money. I only give cash when I know where it is going.
I also do not let anyone make me feel guilty about it.

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Tip? I do, but not always. Around the Holidays sometimes more.

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No but it’s not because I don’t feel for them. My concerns in the city I live are car jackings, drunken arguments/assaults. I’d also rather not chance angering a driver behind me if I get held up in a signal light change. The temperatures and tempers here are high on the roads, lots of road rage.

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I have done this before and continue to do it sometimes. I’d like to believe that they do something beneficial with the money (food, water, clothes, etc.) although I have no way of knowing for sure where it goes.

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I don’t care what they do with it. It’s the condition of MY heart that matters, not theirs.

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My mom used to carry little packets with a McDonalds coupon, a bus token and a list of local services. She was involved in several women’s groups, Church Women United, Leauge of Women Voters and her local church. She would put the packets together and sell them at her cost. After she died, my sister took over moms mission.

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I don’t. Where I live, I see a guy (same guy, different guys?) always at the same exit ramp, with a sign, Will Work For Food. He stands there for hours. I don’t even look at him. Working in Social Services, I know he has many options available to him, if he wants to go the “legit” route.

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@XOIIO Sad indeed.

@jca So giving them money or anything else isn’t such a great idea?

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@raven860: I’m not going to say don’t give them money. If you want to, then give it to them. I don’t but I don’t want people jumping on me because I said don’t do it. Do what you feel.

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If they are there a few times I help out when I can. If I see them constantly begging at the same spot I usually make it harder for them. Calling the cops or asking kids to “bug” him/her a bit. I understand some don’t have an income and they can’t get a job because the circle is round and money brings water, and being clean means a job and a job gets money and you guys get the point BUT constantly asking for support is not the best approach.

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I did one time when a guy showed me his two metal legs and mentiond Veit Nam.

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I almost never do because I believe that money is better spent on charities for the homeless. If I give a guy $5 it’ll buy him a meal, but the same $5 dollars might feed 2 or more people at a shelter. There are a lot of great non-profit organizations out there that are desperate for donations, and I know the money will be spent on the right things.

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Always. Contrary to popular opinion, the majority of the homeless aren’t homeless because they are “lazy” or because they don’t want to work. Many are mentally ill, disabled, veterans, or addicts. So many have children, or medical conditions they can’t afford to have taken care of. I don’t make that much, but I live in a house, I’m not an addict, and I’m relatively mentally sound. I don’t care what the homeless spend the money I give them on, I just know that they need my spare change a heck of a lot more than I do.

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I am on both sides of the fence sometimes I do help them. I know i am enabling them to continue there drug habit. As a social worker i believe in helping those wanting to help themselves. These individuals don’t want to help themselves. I rather give them the dollar then for them to go rob/mug break in to someones home.

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