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Does the high definition cable for the ps3 make your games/movies look better?

Asked by FiRE_MaN (684points) May 11th, 2008

Well my dad got my grandmother a ps3 for mothers day since it is the cheapest blu-ray player outthere. He and his brothers got my grandfather a 40 hd tv for fathers day and now my dad is asking me if the hd cable makes a difference. I know it did with the ps2, i could see the difference. But will it make a difference for the ps3?

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Most definitely, we got a Sony Bravia and the regular cables made the picture terrible, as soon as we bought an HDMI cable the picture was the same as Best Buy’s display model. But she has to have an HDTV for it to work.

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yes, you do need an HD TV (full, or ready) for this to work, connections like HDMI are digital signals, that way being able to give a way better picture than analog signals, it’s like the difference of watching Cable of Digital Television, so yes, if you do have the chance, it’s a no brainer, oh, and don’t buy stuff like monster cables, any HDMI certified cable will do realy, and no super crystal gold plating will make the quality any better

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You can get a whole HDTV hookup kit with two 1.3 hdmi cables at costco for $69. The 1.3 is all you need to be sure to get. It has to to with the speed of the digital signal.

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It makes a big difference. Like someone said above, though, make sure the TV is HD first. I got my HDMI cables on Amazon for something like $10 each. I know some people say you need to get these super-high quality cables, but the ones I have work just fine.

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Absolutely, if you get an HDMI Cable and have an HD TV that supports it, your games and Blu-ray movies will look much better. This won’t, however, have any effect on DVDs you play via your PS3. They’ll still look like crap, unfortunately.

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