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How do you tell a good guy friend that you have a crush on him?

Asked by ladygaga15 (19points) October 18th, 2011

I have been told it is o.k. to crush on a super good guy friend but I don’t know how to break it to him because I want to tell, but I don’t know how so can someone please tell how to break it to him.

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You say: “You know I kinda have a crush on you…”.

He will take some time to digest this, and will then say “Really?”.

You then say: “Yeah”.

I assure you he will not be mad.

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Do you believe this crush is coming right back at ya?

Be ready for the relationship to change. For the plus or minus, it will!

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“You say: “You know I kinda have a crush on you…”.

He will take some time to digest this, and will then say “Really?”.

You then say: “Yeah”.

I assure you he will not be mad.”

- Imadethisupwithnoforethought

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You don’t. It’s called a crush for a reason.

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Personally, I would not say a word. Enjoy the feeling and see what kinds of signals he is sending your way. Does he flirt at all? “You know, I kinda have a crush on you” would be the kiss of death in any case.

How would you feel if someone for whom you had no feelings other than friendship said those words to you? It would suck the air out of the room.

How old are you?

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If you’ve know each other well for a few months or more then he most likely already knows. Does he crush on you? If not then I wouldn’t say anything if it was me but you have to decide how important it is that he know this of you and weigh that against the change it will make to your friendship.

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If you want to try telling him, I would say something like:

I really like you. Have you ever considered what we might be like as more than friends?

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If you have the opportunity, ask him to describe a person that he can get a crush on. I’m sure that he will follow that up by posing the same question to you. If he does, then say, ...“someone exactly like you”. . . if he doesn’t ask, then offer to say,...” for me, it’s got to be someone exactly like you.” . . . . these makes it obvious but gives you an out if he gets spooked.

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If the dude is “super good” or something to that effect I think it would be best to just ask him if he wants to give it a try.

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I’m too shy to tell any guys I have a crush on…

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This from @ladygaga15‘s profile. “I’m a 15 year old girl who.. has a sceart (sic) crush on a good guy friend who treats me like a sistereven though I’m not his sister.”

It seems clear that at the moment he does not want to give it a try.

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@gailcalled respectfully, at 15, or thereabouts, many boys are insecure. There is a likelihood the young man is interested, but too shy to express interest.

I worry that we are coaching the young lady to act as if she is not interested, and perhaps dooming a wonderful relationship.

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought I have always mainly had guy friends…I completely disagree. If she tells a friend she’s interested in that way, and he is truly “like a bro”, it could doom their relationship forever.

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@SpatzieLover I am sorry that happened to you. At that age I was always overjoyed at female attention, even if I did not feel the same way.

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It didn’t happen to me. Actually, a male friend that was too shy to tell me, decided not to be friends any longer…but that’s another thread. Anyone who I developed more than friendly feelings toward, I kept to myself…I was right to. Hormones at that age should be kept in check with LOGIC

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Welcome on Fluther.

I dunno. It kinda feels like .. we’re on a different page .. feels strange .. I guess it’s kinda like… you work it from here.

And I forgot… keep it SIMPLE.

Tell us how it goes after you “share” this.

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Can you tell us more about how he acts around you?
Does he act like he might like you back?

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