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Should I give up liking this girl I have a crush on?

Asked by galenmarek888 (30points) May 19th, 2010

I’m in 6th grade and my best friend used to be treated badly and called a nerd. I stood up for him, and told him his day to be praised would come. On the talent show, he sang amazingly (while I sucked the life out of my peers with stupid magic tricks) and everyone treated him with respect and like a popular kid. The girl I have a crush on, who I can’t talk to and who I admire for being not being as flirty as others started liking my best friend, and asked him out. Now I want to know if I should stop liking her for my friend.

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You sound like a good kid to stick up for your friend, you keep behaving like that and just the right girl is going to see your character and decide you are the right one for her.

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Well, sometimes you can’t control whether you still like her or not. There’s no reason you should give up hope (after all, you have a lot of school years still ahead of you!).
Just don’t act on it now, for his sake, while they’re ‘together’.
Your day will come as well. :)

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You’re in 6th grade? Ah, good times!

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Do what feels right. Ask your friend. Talk to her. Lots of choices…. but what ever you do, you gotta follow through with it

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Yes. If she likes your friend you back off. You have learned a lesson in the danger of not making the first move.

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This won’t be the last time you like a girl that other friends probably like too. There’s no need to defriend the girl or your buddy, they didn’t do anything against you. It’s fine you like the girl too, be honest and congratulate your buddy, be a good sport and like @perspicacious says, learn a lesson of being just a bit bolder in the future to let a girl know when you like her.

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Man I would slap you on the back and muss your hair if I could. You’re quite the little man dude and you’re a good friend. Just be in the wings in case but stick to your principles. That’s worth more than any crush. And remember that virtue is its own reward.

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Challenge that kid to a duel… mano a mano! kidding

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