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What was the first question you asked on Fluther, and do you still follow any of the advice you received?

Asked by harple (10446points) October 20th, 2011

Mine was How can I make today worthwhile?. I received an answer from Austinlad telling me to: “reaffirm your love for a friend or relative. You never know if you’ll be able to do it tomorrow.” I followed that advice again just yesterday.

What was yours, and do you still follow any of the advice received?

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It’s this one, and I only got two responses :(

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Here you can find similar questions

Edit: Oh, I am not able to find my response
I was trying to google to know plural of sir, and I found fluther by serendipity.

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I have no clue, how do I check that out? Yes, i’m that thick ;¬}

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@ucme Go to your profile, click on “questions”, and follow it back to your first.

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Mine was a political question How are you purple? And the responses were well thought out. I might ask it again during the next election

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@syz Oh dear….it was that simple!?! At least pretend there was a degree of difficulty, I dunno :¬)

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How does music alter your conciousness?

Music seems to have this weird ability to worm it’s way into your brain, and make you feel different. It can calm you down; it can put you in a trance; it can excite you; it can involve you.

How does it do all that? What kind of impacts do you think music has on your consciousness? Does it affect your brain (if you think brain and conciousness are different)? What’s your experience. What’s your explanation, if you have one.

I only got four answers. Not an auspicious start.

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I found it!
It’s here. Plural of Mr. I liked Gavel’s response then.

Well, I didn’t read your second question! Yes, I do follow that advice!

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Ok, after an exhaustive search through almost 800 questions I find this fella.
That was actually a lot of fun, scrolling through time.
GQ once again miss clever clogs @harple ;¬}

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Dec. 4, 2006; Why do some guys leave the seat up?

17 answers, 8 of which were from me (too wordy, too boring and too narcissistic).

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It seems this was my first question. Which very much surprised me.

This was my second. I really like that question, but it didn’t get many answers.

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@gailcalled Wow! You are really good to trace its history.
I learned from your response, wait and better to think first, and then respond.
I hastily clicked on the answer key, and ended up in two responses.
Edit: Good night everyone. It’s ten past midnight here. I don’t stay awake so long, only fluther can do that to me!

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Nah. My first was a medical question that got three responses.

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“Can you recommend a handheld book scanner?”

It received only answer. But it was absolutely correct!

“You’d be amazed at how much quicker it is just to use a digital camera instead of a scanner.”

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This one about my iPod. The first answer I received was the solution to my problem.

And it only got 2 responses…

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Obama kills plans to return to the moon by 2020: thoughts?

I find it interesting that my first question didn’t happen until almost eight months after I joined Fluther. But I wasn’t very active at all in the beginning.

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My first question was about my ‘fear’ for doing an iq test.
Responses that I took to heart were the ones that said that such tests only measure your ability to do iq tests.
I asked it on the 31st of July, 2009, it got 24 answers, 2 GQ’s, I didn’t know yet how to use the @-symbol, and I found, after scrolling through it that many of the Jellies that replied are no longer here or no longer participate (as much).

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I am a newbie and it was only back in January. Daughter wants to back out of ski club.

She hung on, did it. Not sure where she stands yet for this winter.
All very helpful answers. 10 Replies, 3 GQ’s. I have been here pretty much daily since then.

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It was incredibly, intensely personal and I received good advice from The Collective. The truth is I had one foot out the door for years prior to asking that question. I left him. It was the best thing I ever did. I am now happily remarried to the most wonderful man on the planet. The only nasty response came from my little sister! One thing I found interesting is that only one respondent skfinkel is still active.

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I’ve mostly asked questions based on curiosity, but the ones asking for advice have always helped and Yes I still follow the advice. Haven’t had complaints about the eyedrops, since.

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I asked what I might find, smell, see on a demolition site and @Kayak8 gave me a particularly excellent answer (thank you again).

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I have no idea. I’m not really a question sort of person.

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My first one was this one because I knew I would get some really interesting and sarcastic answers.

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I remember a softcore porn show from the early 90’s

It was a real question that had a real answer.

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It’ll take forever to click that far back, so I’m not going to do it, sorry lol.

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I did it for your lazy ass. Here you go.

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@johnpowell Hahaha! How did you do that so fast? Thank you.

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I wanted to know if i should have my prostate removed by a young surgeon who uses a robot. Or, an older, more experienced surgeon who uses his hands.
I was already leaning toward the young guy. but more people validated my gut feeling.
I’m glad I did.

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@Blackberry :: It says you asked 245 questions and there is 15 per page. 245/15=16.33

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@SuperMouse: I was here then (and I remember your sister and possibly your father?)

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@johnpowell Thanks again, fellow Oregonian :)

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Ah. It was about some creep stalking me, or something. It doesn’t matter anymore, because he moved away. :)

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My First Question which was asked about a month after joining. It was fun finding out where many of the jellies lived. Now looking back, I forgot to give everyone a GA. My excuse, I was a noobe. So happy belated GA to all.

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I asked about Xena and if people liked the show. No advice to be taken from there, but it was still cool lol.

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@gailcalled you’re right, my father was active then as well. He called me personally to answer the question after my sister helped him figure out it was me.

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This was mine. There must’ve been a hurricane on the way or had just passed. JackAdams even answered mine! I, too, had not given GA’s, so I just did. I don’t remember giving or getting them much in the beginning.

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I think it was when I asked about insulation. Still haven’t followed it because no one was able to be specific about insulating the upstairs of a cape cod home . . .

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My very first question was about running with shin splints. Since that time I’ve had an operation to fix what was wrong and I am back to running again with no pain. I can’t tell you how awesome it feels to be able to do that.

The question that I received the best help on was one about my mother-in-law. I got some great replies and I followed a few people’s advice and it really helped.

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@chyna JackAdams! Now there’s a blast from the past!

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@SuperMouse I know! And he wasn’t too mean to me.

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My first question was pretty innocuous.

It was kind of amusing to look at some of those early questions. I forgot all about the Burger King Square Butts commercial.

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Mine was about murder/suicide. One of my daughter’s classmate’s whole family had recently been killed by the father, who then killed himself, and I guess I was trying to make sense of that tragedy. Of course, there is no real answer. :(

I like the discussion spawned by my second question better. 140+ responses!

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I don’t remember anymore and it would be almost impossible to look up. I don’t even remember the exact first zen name I used.

However, following Lisa’s lead, I am proud of this question, with its 140 responses. It always makes me laugh and think of the “good old days” – note how many of the old-timers are no longer here.

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My first one asked for opinions, so there was no advice to follow.

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I came here with the migration so this was my first Q. I haven’t referred to it for a long time but probably should to see if any of the answers have influenced my use of Fluther!

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The 1st question I ask was this. There was no real advice one can give to being stopped DWB, I guess never drive, do not drive a car that is not a beater, do not drive a beater in the suburbs, and really do not drive a beater in the suburbs after dark.

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This was my first question. There really wasn’t any advice to follow.

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