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What has just made you wonder what the world is coming to recently?

Asked by nighttripper (162points) May 12th, 2008

Recently I had to ask this aloud when a friend of mine was expelled for writing boom on one of the desks at school. What’s made you wonder this recently?

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I stopped asking that a long time ago…..people, parties, institutions and societies will never seize to baffle me, but now I just expect them to.

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Fear and selfishness seem to be current themes running thought the populace right now. I long for the days of alcoholism and free-love.

American Idol has destroyed this country. Turn the fucking TV off and take to the streets. A great nation is smoldering in here. We just need need someone to blow on the embers. And that person is not Paula Abdul.

And yes.. I am pissed over what our nation has become. Fucking fundy neck-beards that have only read the bible are destroying everything.

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In school were reading a book “The World From Islam” now as we were reading silently a boy, at the back of the class, sticks up his and and asks “Whats a Mosque” this is the same boy who earlier asked if Islam was a country. This boy is 18 years old and has been in Australia his whole life. Now this really makes you wonder WHAT THE HELL the world has come too when people are so ignorant about their own planet in this day and age.

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The world is pretty much the same as it always has been. We just get more exposure to it, and things have shifted a bit.

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two eleven (maybe, probably younger) year old girls with cell phones in hand, or dangling off of purses with glittery tie things talking about whether or not their friend was fat

(the friend was walking with them)

it was just awful.

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Hasn’t it always been ‘the best of times and the worst of times’?

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Humanity is wonderful and terrible. Change is the only constant. Embrace it! Evolve!

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