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Did Ron DeSantis go from a net worth of $350k to $50 million in the last wo years?

Asked by JLeslie (65191points) April 5th, 2022

In a facebook group I am in someone posted this article. If you have a good source to support or refute the claim I would appreciate it. I tried googling, but I am not sure what sources are reliable.

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I am unsure on the reliability but really don’t care. He owns car dealerships, cars, and luxury home, stock portfolio that have all done quite well recently.

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The site from @Forever_Free says “business ventures and support from wealthy donors.”

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When government spends trillions of dollars a year and politicians are allowed to insider trade and act on other insider information as well as gain more and more connections, please find me any politician who’s net worth has not gone up drastically.

Bernie Sanders used to say that the best investment any company can make is in a politician. He is still right to this day.

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Don’t know how reliable this is, but it is from a Florida based publication. Of course, it could well be from a supporter of his. I think I saw 1 report of approx $349K but it didn’t seem to be a reliable article for some reason. The ONLY report I found that matched your source, turned out to be the same source. Most of what I found indicated that his income had only risen 20% over the last year. I found numerous sources more in line with this article. I can’t prove nor disprove any of this & I don’t really care enough to research any further!!!

Assuming that your source is actual fact, maybe he attended djt’s university to learn creative financing!!!

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I suspect the increase is in his war chest from donations to his presidential run.

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