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Three not insignificant earthquakes in SF this week. Should we be heading for the hills?

Asked by skfinkel (13511points) October 27th, 2011

I know earthquakes happen all the time, but the one last night woke people up out of sound sleeps. Is this different, or just more of the same?

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More to come, the little ones in the area may mean that the next one on that fault will not be a BIG ONE.

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There’s no way to detect earthquakes before they happen. You can either live in fear, or continue with your life.

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Well, I’m in the Sierra foothills, you can camp on my property, with shower and continental breakfast for $25 a night. Discounts if you do the morning and evening bed down the farmy friends chores. lol

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Heck, yeah. I’d rather be anywhere than S.F. during an earthquake. It’s just gonna sink back into the hole it was built upon.

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Moving out entirely probably won’t be necessary, but planning for the worst isn’t a bad idea. Work out a place to stay in case things go bad, maybe store some essentials there if that’s an option. Keep an earthquake kit (or better yet, a bug-out kit) in your car. Keep in mind that in a post-megaquake environment, any supplies that you have will likely become a target, so subtlety might be prudent.

@tinyfaery Could you tape that and upload it, when the time comes?

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I felt the 4.8 one last night that was centered 90 miles NE of Sacramento. They’re happening everywhere. They do seem more frequent, but I don’t think that’s any prediction of an upcoming “big one.” At least, I hope not. :/

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Yes. Run like a mo-fo! LMAO!

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I remember when I lived in San Diego for 5 years. Man, lots of earthquakes, a couple of really big shakers that had me running out the door a few times.

After awhile you get really complacent, wake up to your bed rumbling, then, fall back asleep. Oh, another quake, whatever. haha

I have always thought the saying that nature is a “force to be reckoned with ” amusing, as IF, we have any reckoning power. Silly humans. lol

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