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What was Gov. Rick Perry "on" in New Hampshhire today?

Asked by ETpro (34550points) October 31st, 2011

We’re all used to seeing Gov. Perry speak in staid tones, often looking strong with jaw jutting forward as if he were posing to be the next head added to Mount Rushmore. Today something came unglued. In a speech to a conservative group in New Hampshire, Perry bounces, gestures wildly and grins like the proverbial Cheshire Cat. Some thought he was drunk. I thought it looked more like a cocaine high or maybe a large enough dose of oxycontin to produce elation.

Is this going to be remembered as Gov. Perry’s version of the Howard Dean Yehaw yell? What do you think? Unpresidential or no big deal.

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Those robots are so troublesome…sometimes they just glitch out. Look at Paula Abdul.

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Be fair.

If you were in a popularity contest with Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann, Herman Caine, and Rick Santorum, and you were starting to lose, you may start drinking during the day and behaving erratically.

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This was a 25 minute long version of Dean’s “I have a scream” speech.
Watching Perry, I suspect qualudes and crank, but I suppose you can get this effect with a good morphine suppository. I demand a blood test!

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Two things can come from this: he is done for, or people will love it. “Look, he gets wasted just like us!” This is beyond ridiculous.

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I don’t get it… I’m no Perry fan, but I watched a few minutes, then zipped ahead a few times, and I don’t see anything that makes me believe he’s drunk or on drugs. What did I miss?

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@dappled_leaves Uh…..he slurred multiple times, not to mention his mannerisms gave it away. The all to familiar hand flailing was the easiest to see. He was missing the “sharpness” that most sober people have lol.

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You’re not really going to make me watch that entire 25min Perry vid just to see the goof ball do his thing… are you? Seriously, 53 seconds in to it and I can’t stand any more… What’s the time code for the Cheshire Cat grin and bouncing wild gestures?

RP for Pres!

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Geez! It makes him look almost lovable. What a goof! I suspect they are trying to train him to emote more and to show more personality and to be more personal. This was the dry run. I’m sure they’ll review the videotape and tweak it a bit so that he can be folksy like Bush II and still manage to hit the talking points. He is learning to go from the personal in his life to the policy points. I thought he could be pretty effective with it. He seemed almost charming in this video. Scary, of course.

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^ Actually, that’s what I thought, too. Eek.

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He probably just felt more comfortable than usual. That is, if he’s anything like me. I’m stiff and verbose before I’m comfortable in a situation.

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought By gosh, you have put your finger on why I’m not president.

@Blackberry Thanks. I thought the video would explain everything. I suppose I should have written a more explicit description in the question’;s details.

@wundayatta I can’t imagine a campaign advisory crew tell him to do that. It certainly doesn’t make him look presidential. Maybe a media guy was coashing him on how to get a reality show.

@Nullo That excuse didn’t do a think to redeem Dean. The crowd was wild before his speech, and that probably did contribute to his outburst.. Here’s a pre-yell video. But in the end, the yell was what people remembered.

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I haven’t seen him before, but my impression was this: either he’s like that all the time, in which case, what a goof—I sure don’t like picturing him facing world leaders at a table of international diplomacy; or he isn’t, in which case—intoxicated, probably. Not so good if you’re thinking of trying to run a country, even a very, very small one.

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Am I the only one that found this wildly inappropriate lol? The guy was on something…...I’ve seen him speak numerous times, and it was never like this. Even if I didn’t see him speak before, my initial reaction would be that he’s drunk.

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I would hire John Malkovich to impersonate Perry in the next Saturday Night Live episode and no, I don’t think John would need to have three shots of tequila to immerse himself in that same state. He’s just that good an actor.

Watching Perry is like watching the male version of Sarah Palin minus the painful shrilly voice.

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You know I’ve gotta admit… from a purely aesthetic prospective…. Rick Perry would look good on Mt. Rushmore…. lol

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I’m embarrassed for him. Oh well . . . hair today, gone tomorrow.

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He looked like a bible thumper to me. Which is not unexpected, given his background. I am still not surprised. This is the first time I’ve seen him, and it fits my made-up image of him. He’s a pretty boy. He’s come from a scary background and has turned to religion for help, which clearly he desperately needed.

Unfortunately he’s also ambitious and his ambition has been rewarded by the majority of the citizens of the Republic of Texas. Unfortunately, Texas is also a state, and thus can visit its sins on the rest of us in the United States. Why can’t Texas be modest and sensible like most of the rest of us? The myth of Texas is worse than dysfunctional, and what we saw in that video is just further evidence of that.

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K├╝mmel opined that Perry reminded him of what Bush would have been if he’d never quit drinking.

And that sums it up pretty well if you think about it. The folksy Texas accent, the Aw-Shucks demeanor, the dimwitted air of almost crazy but not quite enough to qualify for involuntary commitment.

It kinda fits, doesn’t it ?

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@wundayatta What sins would those be?

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I met him once in a very casual setting, just him, my wife and I (with the security detail hovering ominously in the background) and I would say that even in that situation, he was more the smarmy, false grinning politico of his earlier incarnations than what I saw in the NH vid.

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@Nullo George Bush, II, for one. The idea that bigger is better (everything’s bigger in Texas). The myth of Big Earl (oil). Somehow the oil industry is the be-all and end-all of modern capitalism, and that everyone should be cleared away before it. The myth that roping longhorn cattle makes you a man. The myth that if you have a ranch, you are a man of the people.

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@wundayatta, I believe you’re painting some pretty broad and erroneous strokes on Texans.

The myth of Texas is worse than dysfunctional, and what we saw in that video is just further evidence of that.

That sentence doesn’t even make sense to me. Texas has a myth of being worse than dysfunctional??? Your references to “bigger is better,” oil, cattle, ranches—you’re pulling it from a bad western movie. And Governor Perry is impaired in the video—that is not how he normally presents himself; and believe me, I’m not defending him. I’m a Texan. I didn’t vote for him. I don’t support him as a presidential candidate. I don’t like how he presents himself when not impaired.

You’ve got an awful lot of “myths” rolled into your last post that you’ve pulled from your own bias—they are beyond mythical. I know of no one in Texas who believes any of the myths that you’re listing. And all of this knowledge of Texas and Rick Perry from your first and only viewing of him. Amazing.

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@picante Truly amazing! Thank you! It’s not often that a Texan appreciates my sense of humor. Kudos!

Sigh. Whatever happened to the good ol’ Yankee vs the world sentiment?

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@picante most of the other Texans I speak to say the same thing: “I didn’t vote for him!”. Unfortunately, they are telling the truth. Such a small percentage actually participate in elections. Is it so they actually DO have plausible deniability or just plain, simple apathy? I’m betting the latter.

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@rojo, I think apathy is epidemic in our nation (not just Texas). Maybe the tide is turning with the Occupy Wall Street movement and the attention to the upcoming presidential election.

While not always true of me, I did vote in the last gubernatorial election, and I’m sure I didn’t vote for Perry (and that word “gubernatorial” is hilarious in this context!). I’m in Austin—we’re the little freckle of blue in this very big, very rojo state.

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@picante I am in the bright red an%s of Texas, where Gov. Goodhair went to college.

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@rojo, my thoughts are with you ;-) From what I hear, the govenhair wasn’t so great at the college thing. But I’m sure he’s gotten much smarter with age.

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@picante I would not bet the farm on it.

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