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Is it bad for my cat...

Asked by nocountry2 (3684points) May 13th, 2008 from iPhone

…to be drinking water regularly out of the beta-bowl? She’s pregnant. I understand the appeal of fish-flavored water, but can it be harmful somehow?

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My cats drink out of the toilet regularly with go real harm. Not sure about the beta bowl. Have you tried a fountain?? My cats will not drink out of a water bowl, especially if it’s near their food. They prefer running water, or my water glass.

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nope, the fish water is an addiction. I even try moving it to hard-to-reach places, like the top of a bookshelf…alas, to no avail. The fish don’t care, I think they like the company, but now that she’s pregnant I just hope there isn’t any bad fish-waste microbes that could harm the kits.

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I think as long as you are not putting any chemicals in the water, it will be OK except for the poor fish.

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If you think about it- in nature cats would drink from ponds and streams with fish in them.

So I would say it is natural and would not be harmful.

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If you are really worried you could try a biorb or a biube, which are fish tanks that are really efficient and have covers.
Here is the biorb website.

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The fish water will have small levels of nitrites and nitrates (by-products of fish waste). I suppose under the right conditions ( incredibly nasty beta bowl water, a cat that drinks from no other source and who has kidney damage, for example), it could be harmful, but, most likely, no.

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Thanks people! I am sufficiently reassured

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