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How can I smooth my beard?

Asked by jboyens (5points) May 14th, 2008

I’m a dude with a beard, a long one. I’m growing it longer and it’s really scraggly. I’d rather not trim but find a way to de-curl or otherwise manage the beard as I’d like a nice straight beard when I’m done. Are there products that I can use, anything?

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use one of those flat irons some people use to straighten there hair.

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condition it with hair conditioner

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Condition it, then flat iron it!

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I condition it, but it goes dry after some time in the air. It seems nice and flat after a shower + conditioner, but it just dries out and poofs.

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That’s where the flat iron would help. I have very thick hair on my head that does the same thing if I just let it air dry. The flat iron helps to straighten and smooth it. Oh, I just got another idea. Get some Paul Mitchell skinny serum, and put a couple of drops of that in your beard before you flat iron it. That should do the trick!. My ex husband had a long zz top type beard and it worked for him.

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Are you familiar with flat irons? I wasn’t until recently. They are like curling irons, but with the opposite intent. Here is a site with some product reviews if you want to go that way:

You may need more than just conditioner. there are actual hair straighteners. See this site;

I love beards! Good luck.

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Although you don’t like to, trimming is essential, as essential as it is for the hair on your head. In addition to other techniques you must trim regularly, not a lot, but enough to keep the ends even and unsplit, which also gives the appearance of a healthy beard.

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Condition and comb. I don’t know exactly how long it is, but if possible, you braid it, that’ll keep it from curling like mad…

Btw, you’re not by any chance thinking of joining these guys are you?

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bro, use some murrays. It is about 2.50 a can & will last you a few months.

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Murray’s sounds like the right stuff. Thanks.

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If you comb the formula from one a hair permanent kit (sold at your local drug store) and then just rinse it out it will straighten it out considerably for a few weeks at a time. Just don’t put any curlers in it! This is what’s known as a reverse perm.

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Could any one expalin what is murrays? how to use on beard.


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