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When was the last time you ran smack up against a stereotype?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44058points) November 21st, 2011

I had some yard work to do, couldn’t find either of the two pairs of heavy duty work gloves we have. They’re both sized men’s large, so I thought, “This will give me a chance to find heavy duty work gloves that will fit my girl hands!”
Went to WM…they had all different kinds of heavy duty work gloves. Every…single…one…of…them…were….large. Men’s large. They didn’t even have men’s small.
WTH? Only large, burly men do hard physical labor? Only large, burly men would be hauling branches and bricks and metal and slinging bales of hay?
Oh, they have girl gloves. Cloth girl gloves, with flowers and shit printed on them. For working in the garden, I suppose. Who wears gloves working in a garden, anyway? There isn’t anything in a garden that’s going to hurt you, except rose thorns, and foo foo cloth gloves won’t help you there!!

All I want are some pretty, purple, heavy duty, swede work gloves with lions on them that will fit MY hands! Is that too much to ask?

Snap on doesn’t make purple tools, either. I know. I asked.

Will the stereotypes ever end?

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LOL. You embraced the stereotype by asking for “pretty, purple” gloves.

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How about a nice girly pair of gloves in the dishwashing department?

They are thick and resist thorns and all kinds of creepy crawly things in the dirt.

If all else fails, find what you are looking for at Tractor Supply.

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You need to check out the garden center. They might have the small one’s. Good to know you don’t have sausage fingers :)

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I seem to find them everyday, everywhere but oddly enough, at the moment, I can’t think of a single one! Wait, wait, the gloves reminded me. I recently took a welding course at TAFE and there were several women in the class, however it is impossible to find welding gloves in anything except giant sizes. Even the younger smaller guys were complaining. The fingers were long enough for me to put my entire forearm in.

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If there were a significant market for pretty, purple, heavy duty, swede work gloves with lions on them that will fit feminine hands, you can be sure Walmart would be all over it. I don’t think it’s a stereotype; I think it’s marketing, product placement, and the demands of the bottom line.

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I do understand how hard it is to find work gloves for tiny hands. I, personally, have the hands of a ten year old boy. A small ten year old boy.

In fact, it’s damn hard to find winter gloves that fit my hands, unless you’re talking the cheap knitted One-Size-Fits-All stuff.

I use a pair of too-big men’s knitted work gloves with the rubber dots on them. It’s generally enough for clearing brush or sanding wood. *shrug *

As far as my own personal stereotype activity, I’ve just discovered my kitten, Schrodinger, is obsessed with chasing around balls of yarn while I’m crocheting.

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I’ve found women’s heavy duty work gloves at Lowes. Nice leather ones, but no purple suede with lions, sorry.

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@Seek_Kolinahr of course you have a cat named Schrodinger! Your next pet should be called Frankenstein, but I have a feeling you have a pet called Tesla already?

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No lie, I REALLY want to get a beagle and name him Darwin. I did once have a cat named Ulthar, after the H.P. Lovecraft story. ^_^

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@digitalimpression I think @Dutchess_III was being sarcastic…unless you are too…hmm.

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@Keep_on_running In reality, work gloves are utilitarian by design. There is no need of design or flair either way. They are simple, large to accommodate many people, and tough to withstand the work being done. There are different types of gloves that fit various sized hands out there.. I don’t know where she was shopping, but it wasn’t around here.

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I agree that it’s difficult to find work gloves for small hands. I always wondered, what do men with small/medium sized hands do?

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@digitalimpression I see, but what I meant was, I think she was being sarcastic when she said:

“All I want are some pretty, purple, heavy duty, swede work gloves with lions on them that will fit MY hands! Is that too much to ask?

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Here are some women’s work gloves that you might like from Duluth Trading Company They even have some colored gloves.

There’s no purple one’s here, but you can get some good gloves in women’s sizes from Woman’s Work

Here is a set of heavy duty leather garden gloves in pink from Utility Safeguard and another pair from the same company in Burgundy

Here are some pink leather gloves from Work Gloves Depot and some by the same company in Turquoise and some Red Ones

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@Kardamom I rather like these . It’d be nice if they came in other colours, but they look pretty awesome!

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@Seek_Kolinahr Yeah, I liked those too. Maybe @Dutchess_III could start her own line of colored women’s work gloves! It is kind of an un-tapped market.

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check ThEEESe beauties out!

Trust the Kiwis to provide kick ass, diy garden gloves. Shiny.

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@cazzie Wow! Those are pretty!

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Wow you guys! Thanks!

@digitalimpression, how do my own personal preferences embrace a stereotype? By definition, a stereotype is a trait or preference assumed to belong to an entire group of people. Or are you saying only women like purple or lions. Now THAT would be a stereotype on your part!

You also said, ”“In reality, work gloves are utilitarian by design. There is no need of design or flair either way. They are simple, large to accommodate many people”, not ‘many’ people. On a small select set of large people. You ever tried walking in shoes that are four sizes too big? Try it. Then you’ll have an idea of how terribly “unaccommodating” too big can be.
“and tough to withstand the work being done. ” What does the toughness have to do with the size?
“I don’t know where she was shopping, but it wasn’t around here.” I told you in the details…it was at Walmart. It was on a Sunday and I wanted them then and that was the only place open.

I’m not really insisting that they make purple suede heavy duty gloves with lions on them! As @KeepOnRunning said, I was being sarcastic. I really could care less what they look like, as long as they fit. I mean, I can always stick some bling around the cuffs at home!... Although….if they were sissy-looking gloves my guys would stay the hell away from them and they wouldn’t get lost. I have to hide my tools, everything from them.

@Kardamom…I looked at all of the links…some of them were very nice, but geez! The prices!! The ones I bought for the Jolly Green Giant on Sunday were only $7.00. Pretty tan leather / suede too. I wrote my name and “GIRL GLOVES” all over them. Think that will help?

@cazzie…thanks More in my price range! But…“weeder” gloves?

I’ll be keeping my eyes open.

Thanks ya’ll. I thought this was going to crash and burn! Thanks!

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All I want are some pretty, purple, heavy duty, swede work gloves with lions on them that will fit MY hands! Is that too much to ask?

I’m somehow reminded of some Swede guy named Jsblwrath, with matted hair and wielding a double bladed chainsaw, those really hardcore chainsaws made for two people to hold while sawing down a building…and he’s going…WHO DA MAN?? ...and wearing no gloves.

Sorry. XD

Hope you find some serviceable gloves soon. To answer the question, I denno if it counts but…I knew this girl who was like, four feet eight inches. She was really tiny, and always complained how when shopping for nighties, she didn’t have a choice but to buy ones for little girls, since adult ones never fit her. It really pissed her off. I suggested short ones, but she likes those that go down to your feet, so she was screwed out of luck. Fuck nighties though. Anyways. That’s not really a stereotypical thing, rather than convenience, or lack thereof.

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Well, I have trouble finding pants and jeans in my size that are long enough because I’m taller and more slender than “average.” However, my hands aren’t anything special. I’d be thrilled with men’s “small” gloves. It’s a stereotype not only against women,but against small men. Or maybe I just hit Walmart on a bad day or something.

One year my dad’s wife found some little children’s work gloves. They were identical to adult work gloves only small. As a “joke,” because of some funny comment he had made, she sent those, and a little rake and shovel to my-then six year old grandson for his birthday. They were so CUTE!! And I use that rake to this day. It’s perfect for getting under tangly stuff and in small spaces.

I am on a mission to find me some GLOVES! I’ll start looking next time we go to Lowes or some place in the “city” (50 miles away.)

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@Dutchess_III Woweee! Those are gorgeous. Not only are they purple, they’re bright eggplant purple! Are you gettin’ ‘em?

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Yes Ma’am! I am and I did! I’m going to sew some bling on the cuffs! : ) (If I can..that’s some heavy duty material…)

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Snicker! Got a pair for my daughter. She cuts and splits her own firewood, does heavy yard work, stuff like that! NOW I’m excited! She will be so TICKLED!!!

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@Dutchess_III I’m gonna show those to one of my good girlfriends, she too is into heavy work and would love a pair of purple gloves.

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:) I haven’t been this excited about something in a long time! I’m thinking, for my daughter, figure out a way to add some cool fringe to the wrists and….IDK. Some sort of snap decorations around the wrist? Or This /button_19mm_snap_button_trouser_hook_.html I’m thinking, though, that the snap decorations might chaff when she’s working. But…maybe not. It’s not like the wrists are skin tight against here. Oh! Look at this! (Scroll down…the first one is U-gly!)

I’m having so much fun!

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Man, I could spend hours here! And I don’t even like to sew!

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HEY YOU GUYS!!!! :) The picture is blurry but you get the idea!

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:) I made a pair for my daughter and for my Dad’s wife too!

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