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Is it ok to feed chooks beetroot tops?

Asked by roxanna (269points) November 28th, 2011

also, cooked potato peel .

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Are you Australian or a New Zealander possibly? By chooks do you mean chickens?

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LOL Autralian , and yes, chooks are chickens , or hens in this case .

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LOL, right back at you. Now that we’ve cleared that up, I must confess, I have no idea whether or not you can feed beetroot tops to chickens. But welcome to Fluther anyway, if no one has welcomed you yet. We have a number of Aussies on the site and there is always room for more. :-)

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I just had to look this up because I didn’t even register that you said chooks… I just read it as chickens.. LOL… all those years in New Zealand are still with me.

Rule is, if you can eat it, so can they, but not salty things. Beet tops are edible and full of vitamins.

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lillycoyote, i like the always room for more philosophy, thank you ! xox

cazzie , thanks , that’s a good rule of thumb to go by, i eat the small leaves myself, so it should be alright for the ladies :)

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I didn’t notice the ‘chooks’ reference either. I looked it up and everything I found also said it’s fine. How many chooks do you have?

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Bellatrix , thank you ,I have 2 ,Hilda and Matilda ,they reward me with 2 lovely eggs everyday ,and a ton of fertiliser !!

zensky, LMAO ! I can’t say it fast twice !!

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In moderation the beet tops should be okay, same with the potato peels. Don’t go overboard with the peels. Lot’s of starch isn’t good for chooks.(That cracks me up)

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Sure, the only things you do not want to feed chooks are garlic, onions and fish. All of these will taint the flavor of the eggs.

Greens are good, tomatoes they go crazy for, and watermelon, cantalope, grapes.

They don’t like citrus fruit.

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I’m glad someone here knew what a “chook” was! We always fed our potato peels to the chickens. They seemed to love them. As far as beetroot tops; they will either eat them or they won’t.

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