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What are some gift ideas, other than gift cards/certificates, for some male co-workers that I don't know that well on a personal level?

Asked by jca (35976points) December 7th, 2011

I just started a new position (but it’s an employer I have had for about 15 years, just a new department) in a small unit with a woman boss and two male coworkers. I know the boss quite well and she was a friend before she was a boss. The two male coworkers I know and have known for about 10 years each, but I don’t know them well. I know them from seeing them at meetings and parties, work related. I don’t know their habits, likes, dislikes, etc.

I was told we give each other gifts for Christmas. We don’t have to, of course, but I am all for fun and being a member of a team. So, what are some gift ideas for the two guys, other than gift cards? I am not big on giving gift cards as I am willing to put some thought into a gift, and I think a gift card is an “easy out.”

One guy is probably early 40’s and the other guy is in his 50’s. I think they’re both single. They are both parents. One guy is from Africa and the other is Hispanic. That’s about all I know.

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That is a tough one without knowing the people. Ask if you really want to know what there interests are.

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Can you bake something for them? Or maybe get them something like See’s chocolates? Maybe some nice stationary/pen for their offices?

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A bottle of wine or a nice basket of gourmet foods.

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This may be a little too much but how about a certificate for a home cooked meal, and if their children are close to your little one’s age a play date?

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Yeah I’m in the “food” camp as well, consumables are always good.

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I am going to ask the boss what they like and will let you guys know. @Adirondackwannabe, one has adult kids and one has a teen.

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@jca I thought they’d be older but you never know.

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What about coffee? A basket with two types of coffee grounds and a mug. Or, coffee and some flavored creamers, or with cookies.

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I just asked and she said one is a SF 49’ers fan, Knicks fan also. He likes hot sauce and she said she bought him a set of hot sauces (great gift idea but I can’t duplicate it!). The other one, she said she gets him stuff for his apartment, and it has a zebra theme. She said wine is always good but she does not know if they drink other stuff. She suggested a gift card for gas (as an easy and practical idea so I don’t go crazy) but I told her I feel like that would have no thought to it and I would want to put some thought into it.

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@jca For the sports fan a Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Walt Frazier or Willis Reed trading card if you have any shops around. For the Zebra guy how about a WWF or NWF membership for a year.

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Most guys like beer.
Maybe a sampler for each, you can customize the beer to the personality, like Arrogant Bastard, Hop Stoopid or San Quentin Breakout. lolol

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My hubby seems to love cool flashlights. Pocket knives are nice too.

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Pocket knives and flashlights… you can buy American made, if it matters to you. Leatherman company from Oregon I think.

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Nice t-shirts. Nice pens. Swatch watches.

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They’re guys! They don’t need any more junk made in China. Give them Whitman’s Samplers or Hickory Farms gift boxes. Both are made in the US and can be purchased in any dollar amount. They are always appreciated.

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I work with hundreds of men and overall, they love to eat goodies but usually don’t go out of their way to buy themselves goodies much less cook/bake them. Give a mixed gift box of specialty nuts, cookies and candies. Our guys frenzy over Blue Diamond smoked flavored nuts, noughaty candies and chewy cookies full of different ingredients.

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Know you don’t like gift cards but I would go with something to along the lines of a gift card to a restaurant, preferably something local that is not a chain. Everyones’ gotta eat and with this they will also take their S.O. out so it is like two gifts in one. Although I DO like @Allies’ suggestion about baked goods and would be thrilled with @Colomas’ beer thing but, I do like beer, and cookies.

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I just got my daughters 24 yr. old boyfriend a $50 Game Stop card and a selection of dark beer and, a nice screwdriver set, sooo, he can put together the dining room set I got her! haha
Hey they live together so he gets to enjoy the table too! ;-)

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Can’t go wrong with multi-tools, pocket knives, lighters, or flashlights (nice ones, like mini maglites)

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I usually buy a nice or funny mug and fill them with chocolates or something. Or if you want to avoid the food, fill them with great stationary. Pens, coloured paperclips, sticky notes.

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