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Is there a Christmas light conspiracy?

Asked by chyna (40004points) December 11th, 2011

Is there some kind of conspiracy where you can only use your Christmas lights 2 or 3 years in a row and then they self destruct? Then you have to go out and buy new ones. Anyone that has dealt with lights knows that you are supposed to easily find the one light bulb out of 432 that burnt out, replace it, and all is working again. After checking 57 little bulbs, pulling it out, putting the new bulb in, lights don’t work, go on to the next…you just go buy a new set, or a new bobbing head doe. So are they rigged to do this?

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Yes. It’s like playing some games where all you have to do is pass one opportunity or make one mistake and then nothing you do after will get you a win for the game.

There is a ritual for holiday lights- you’ve got to keep them untangled as they come out of the box and also going back into the box. Don’t plug them in and test them outside the box tray. Don’t plug in/extend strings of lights assembled in different countries.~

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They only work if you’ve been drinking, because they know you won’t care if they don’t. Maximum “light malfunction frustration” is required to have them not work. Liquor nullifies that. Better go have a beer.

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This is what you need for Christmas, @chyna!

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If it is a conspiracy, it dates back to the seventies. I fondly remember helping my father do this yearly. We would work on this for hours, him muttering “Jesus Christ” every five minutes. My mom used to laugh and say my father was saying his yearly prayers.

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They just don’t make em like they used to.

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Look at the box and see where they are made. Yep, there is a conspiraacy. Some poor, 12 year old, slaving in unspeakable conditions thought this would be her chance to get back at the capitalists who are buying the product that’s sapping her life through her already arthritic fingers.

Did you check the fuse in the plug ?

May Your Doe be Merry and Bright.

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@marinelife That looks cool! I’m looking into it. I’ll probably buy it.

@LuckyGuy There’s a fuse in the plug? I’m sure I have the replacement fuse here somewhere handy.~

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Yep. Look at the plug. There is a small door that will pop open with a small screwdriver or knife. the box of lights had 2 extra fuses inside taped to a small piece of cardboard and hidden in the box so you would not see then and throw them out with the rest of the packaging. That’s the conspiracy.

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…so you would not see them

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Careful, there, @LuckyGuy , or you’ll have to take your old name back. Now go read Neffie’s physicist joke on Adirondack’s thread.

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@chyna You are correct. There is a secret design in them to fail after one or two years of use. This helps the manufacturers keep in business while designing new things but still embedding the secret failure part. You cracked the conspiracy! Did you solve the single gunman theory for JFK yet?

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@blueiiznh Ha! Not yet but that is funny, I just bought the movie Kennedy today. After I watch it, I’ll let you know who killed him.

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