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Was it a safe to drink this expired pop (soda)?

Asked by nromstadt (626points) December 11th, 2011

I’m not terribly worried about this. Mostly just curious. I bought some Code Red (Mountain Dew) 20oz. back in August for the late night studying. I went to open one day, and noticed some sort of orangish precipitate at the bottom of the bottle. I swirled the bottle and it partially dissolved. Apparently it expired in October (which is a surprisingly short time after I bought it). I, of course, decided to drink it anyway.

Just wondering if soda actually goes bad, besides going flat?

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It probably can go bad, or if in plastic maybe some of it leeches into the soda, especially if it is kept under very hot conditions. Although climate conditions are considered by packaging experts when bottling is being created. October is only a few weeks ago, and it is probably a sell by date, not an expiration date. I would not worry.

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If you don’t have a stomach ache and are not dead, it was okay to drink it.

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Well, the deed is done, isn’t it? Maybe a little to late to be asking. Check in with us in 48 hours and if you’re still alive and unharmed my answer to this question will be yes, it was safe. :-) No, really, unless the bottle was swollen or bloated I don’t think a little settling of the precipitates will hurt you. It’s a Code Red Mountain Dew for god’s sake. I don’t think there’s anything in it that could go bad. It’s mostly crap anyway. I have trouble imagining that an expired Code Red Mountain Dew could be that much worse for you than a “fresh” one.

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Being deployed so many times and having the best soda sent to us expired beyond all belief, you can only get sick if the plastic degraded into the soda. Depending on the situation, this could take awhile. I also save almost every bottle I buy just for the task of drinking tap water (sorry, I don’t believe in buying water). I can tell from personal experience that Gatorade bottles last about 2 and a half months before you start to get a weird (but still safe) taste. You should be safe. Now the problem is, has this bottle been tampered with?

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Nah, all that happens is that the sweet stuff in it can start to break down after a while, which could potentially affect taste, but nothing in soda is going to “spoil” or produce something that could harm you.
Especially considering the amount of stuff they put into mountain dew, I’m not surprised at all that some of it precipitated out after a period of time… sounds perfectly reasonable.

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You can probably get away with drinking recently expired pop from a glass bottle, but not from a plastic bottle—and never from a can. Chemicals like bisphenol A will leach from plastic over time into the liquid contents of plastic bottles, and some of these chemicals are both toxic and highly carcinogenic. Cans are even worse, since aluminum will begin to leach into your drink, and aluminum is not only a neurotoxin, but has been linked to Alzeimer’s disease. If you’re buying a drink made outside North America, you should feel the outside of the can for seams; some countries still permit lead solder in the manufacture of cans, and if there’s a seam, there’s a possibility you could be drinking something laden with high levels of lead. Certainly an expired drink can with a seam should never be consumed unless you’re a big fan of brain damage.

By the way, if you’d like to drink something much safer—and tastier—than pop, what I drink is two litres of tap water mixed with about 100 ml of lemon juice, 5 eyedropperfuls of stevia concentrate, and a few drops of flavourings which I alternate depending on my mood, including star anise concentrate, banana concentrate, cinnamon oil, and (real) vanilla. Stevia, if you’re unfamiliar with it, is an herb which has been used for centuries in South America which is 400 to 600 times sweeter than sugar by volume, contains no calories, and has no side effects at all. My concoction has negligible calories, is absolutely delicious, and costs pennies a glass. If you have children, they’ll love it.

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