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I'm looking for a safer server for e-mail, got suggestions?

Asked by whitetigress (3129points) December 23rd, 2011

I’ve read that it’s easy to crack into g-mail. And any major third party server for that matter. Are there any small time servers out there that are safe? But free? I’m guessing not, but I guess I’m willing to pay as well? Got suggestions?

Can you please give links and examples? Are you using them?

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Here is a list of free ones. Unfortunately, google is number one on the list.

I use google myself and have had no problems. Of course, I’m not trying to pass codes for the enigma machine so I haven’t bothered to test its security.

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Just link Windows Outlook to whichever email server you want.
I.e. I use aol, but I linked my aol account to Outlook, and I run it through that.

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@Esedess I don’t see the logic in how that makes the e-mail much more secure? Can you explain please? @digitalimpression ZoHo huh? Never heard of it! Thankss

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I have never heard Gmail is easy to crack into.

The common ways for email to be hacked into are not due to any weakness on the email server.

1) Easily guessed passwords

2) A phishing site fools people into giving up their email address and password

2) A virus or worm infects a desktop program like Outlook

If you want to make Gmail extra-safe, you can enable 2-step verification

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@jaytkay I totally agree! 2-step verification is a really good idea. (unless you’re overseas and your phone doesn’t work :/ )

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@whitetigress Outlook, as a program, has additional security features built in.
“Outlook blocks potentially dangerous attachments and prevents unauthorized programs from accessing your address book. Outlook is designed for safety first, so that everyone can keep sending e-mail.”

On top of that you can also run it through Trusted Desktop, and the like.

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E-mail security is only as the strong as the password you use to protect it. So as long as you have a really strong password it will be pretty difficult. Personally, I used Lastpass to create a 14-character mixed character password that it stores for me.

Also Google offers two-step verification methods so that if you login on a computer that is strange to google, it will require you to enter a passcode that you get sent to your phone.

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I’ve been using for years and have never had any problems

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Two of the best service provider for email is:
ShazzleMail – The most secure email provider on the planet.
Hushmail – Canadian based company, really great and respects privacy. The leading provider in secure email.

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