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Have we already made alien contact?

Asked by philosopher (9165points) December 31st, 2011

You tell me after you read this.
http://www.alienspacesh dmits_to_long_history_o f_seeing_alien_spaceships


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I doubt it is anything legitimate. I think there is a 99.99% chance we put a man on the moon. However, it is still mind boggling that we did it. In about eight years (1961–1969). Five out six times. With no Excel, cell phones, videocons, etc for use by all the engineers. Accomplished by hundreds of disconnected aerospace companies. With a fax machine serving as the most high tech collaboration tool.

Today it takes two days for IT just to change the toner on the printer.

Sometimes I wonder how the heck we did it.

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That link didn’t work for me. The only verifiable potential contact with aliens came from what is known as the Wow Signal back in 1977.

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Look up Buzz Aldrin on Youtube. He was on Larry King.
I believe Buzz because he has No motivation to lie.
I believe they observe us. I think they prefer not to contact us because we are not all ready yet.
Some humans remain Barbaric.
They may hide here.
h here.

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No. In order for that to happen someone would have to excede the speed of light. There is no evidence of that happening.

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I don’t know if we have made contact or not but when you have lived in the middle of nowhere with virtually no light pollution and you look up into the sky and see the uncountable number of stars, etc. as I have, it is impossible to believe that we are the only intelligent (using the term loosely hehe) life form that exists.

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I don’t know if you’ve made alien contact, but I most certainly have. The boys from Zeneble Ganoobie stop by for poker on Tuesdays. Doctor Smirnoff and Professor Daniels chaperone the evening. They send us out of this world.

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It is logical to believe that there are other beings out there. It is also logical to believe that we haven’t met them yet.

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The Astronauts said they were observed. Not contacted.
If I were observing humanity I am not sure I want to get involved either. We are not all civilized.
We need help but perhaps their laws oppose interference. They observe Terrorism and leaders that rule according to illogical things. They observe Iran, Korea and more.
The UN said they wanted form an agency in case we were contacted last year. why?

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Michio is not a scientist, he is a self promoter.

“The UN said they wanted form an agency in case we were contacted last year. why?”
Because they want money from anybody for anything (with a modest % for themselves).

Do you really think aliens would come all that distance to only talk to idiots?

If they could master exceding the speed of light they could master time travel. If time travel could be mastered why haven’t people from the future come to visit us?

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Michio is a Physicist. He is a Professor at NYU.
I prefer Professors that motivate students to ones that say read the book.
I took several credits in Science and did well in all.
I learned the most from the Professor who made things fun.
We don’t know what the Governments or NASA really knows. They don’t want us to panic.
There is a high chance that humanity is being observed. No we do not have alien DNA.

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“I learned the most from the Professor who made things fun.”
You should work on that. It is very limiting.

“We don’t know what the Governments or NASA really knows. ”
That doesn’t mean you are justified in filling in the blanks with anything you think.

“There is a high chance that humanity is being observed.”
Emphasize the word chance. Notice that it is not proof.

Good rule for life:
Don’t believe everything you think.

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I trust few people and I always require proof.
We do not know.

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You seem to trust people who agree with your preconcieved notions wike Michio.

You will never get absolute proof.

What about space aliens is proved?

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No one stated there was absolute proof.

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Then why do you believe?

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I go with a preponderance of the evidence. I am listening to Astronauts. I think they saw something. We can not be sure.

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Did you know that when the astronauts are in space their brains are susceptible to cosmic radiation that people on earth are not because they are protected by the atmosphere? That radiation causes astronauts to see things that don’t really exist.

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Yes I know but they are well grounded intelligent people. LOL

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