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Does a homeowner's association have master keys or a master key to all the houses or condos?

Asked by AshlynM (10569points) January 4th, 2012

Even if you change your lock yourself, can the HOA still enter? And can they allow someone else access to your condo if you don’t want that other person in your place?

The reason I’m asking is because my HOA is going through some lawsuit with the company that built my complex. And some people want to come inside to our particular unit and do some extensive testing. Taking sample of the drywall and other stuff.

My question is can these people still come inside our unit even without our permission or knowledge to perform these tests? I’m very reluctant to let these people in because they’re just going to rip everything up and leave a big mess.

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I have never heard of a HOA having that kind of access. I am sure they don’t have keys.

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No, that is not one of the normal functions of the HOA. It might be incorporated in your lease/purchase agreement, but it would be unusual.

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But, is the case something that you should be concerned about? Like the Chinese dry wall that had/has a lot of problems? That is a big deal, you should find out the details of the suit if you don’t already know.

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Schedule a time with them to come in while someone is home. It sounds like it will be to your benefit to let them do the inspections and testing.

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My daughter is a member of an HOA at her condo complex, and they certainly do not have keys.

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I have owned two condos and was on the board of both HOA’s. Neither of the HOA’s had keys to any of the units.

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