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Every time I click to play everquest 2 it acts like its starting up then the dreaded blue screen comes up and the pc reboots...

Asked by nighttripper (162points) May 19th, 2008

this is excesivly annoying and I just want to play the damn game seriously. Their help is too confusing to comprehend. Any help here?

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A good bet is to update your drivers, particularly the graphics driver.

Do you get an error message? Another good way to diagnose it would be to analyze the minidump file that Windows creates automatically. It’s located in Windows\Minidump\
I’m on a businees trip the next couple of days, but otherwise I would be glad to take a look at it for you.

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You should also check for patches from the manufacturer, btw.

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the only message it has is like a novel written on the blue screen but it only comes up for like a half a second all i could read is i think connect or something like that. What driver would be best for everquest 2 do you know?

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That depends on your graphics card. Best bet is usually to go to the manufacturers website and get the newest version.

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I went to best buy yesterday they said i need a better graphics card but they cant put one into my laptop

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If they’re right about you needing a better graphics card, then you will need to upgrade your laptop. Or purchase an external solution like this:,1933.html

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