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What do you think the best language to curse in is?

Asked by squirrelfreak (113points) January 9th, 2012

Profanity in general. Not just words, but phrases too.

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American Sign Language. 1. You get sound effects. 2. You get hand movements that can take up a large amount of space. 3. It can get more intense than anything that comes out of a mouth.

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German. Especially with a stereotypical Hitler accent.

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Romanian. One of the better ones I have heard in Romanian translates roughly to, “Crawl halfway back into your mother’s cunt and suck your unborn brother’s dick while I fuck you in the ass!”. I figure that if you can make an ex-sailor like me go, “Holy shit!”, that makes a language a good choice for when you want to get more vulgar than English allows. Romanian definitely qualifies.

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My mom grew up in Venezuela and always told us Spanish curse words were extremely volatile. Of course, the strongest swear she uses is “shit” so she might just be overly sensitive. Whatever the case the Spanish swears I’ve picked up seem potent, particularly “chinga tu madre” and “pinche puta”.

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Well, I like best when my husband swears in Spanish. It feels like a scene from I love Lucy. He very rarely swears, rarely uses Spanish with me, so when he let’s out a “hijo de puta,” when someone cut him off on the road it cracks me up. There are much much worse curses in Spanish though, and it is not that I find Spanish cursing better, I am really only talking about my husband. I think maybe it has to do most with hearing someone who rarely swears use a really big one, a big no no, because it can be so funny. I think a lot of it has to do with delivery even more than the words maybe, some languages sound more like people are smiling all the time or trying to be polite, that doesn’t work as well.

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Cantonese. The curse words are not so imaginative, but the sound is so wonderful for shouting.

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Pig Latin. Anyone can do it.

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Arabic or Portuguese. Lots of gutturals.

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@fundevogel “Pinche puta” is how the guys where I work say “friend”. You should hear what they call people they don’t like!

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Urdu. Some good phrases there.

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Sanskrit. It makes you sound enlightened and brilliant no matter how base your insults. Also, if you completely botch it, who will know?

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Joss knew how to get away with things on Fox. Firefly forever.

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Klingon? It all sounds like angry cursing anyway.

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Yiddish; may you lose all your teeth, but one; so that you may have a toothache.

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Jamaican creole takes first place, with Barbadian second.

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@zensky Holy SHIT. That’s the most badass and awesome thing I’ve ever heard. I’m so tempted to put that in my profile lol.

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