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Why is it people feel weird during full moons ?

Asked by partyrock (3870points) January 9th, 2012

Why is it people feel stranger/weirder/hornier/ during a full moon? And why did the name “Luna-tic” come from luna? And the myth that werewolves come out during only a full moon?

Does it have to do something with us being water and the moon’s gravitational pull?

Or is this mass hysteria ?

Has anyone ever felt…. “off” during a full moon?

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Or is this mass hysteria ?

A mild form.

“Full moons appeal to our imaginations and contribute to our mythologies, but ascribing too much power to them appears to be a continuing form of lunacy.” Link

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The extra light can keep some people awake at night. People who stay up all night can do some ill-considered things. The way to keep someone from becoming a were-animal is to put a completely dark hood over their head. This was more important back when people were more likely to have somewhat paltry shelter that let in a lot of light. Nowadays, with solid houses, the werewolves are less likely to make the transition.

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There is also the theory of gravitational pull being stronger or less strong I don’t remember the correct direction if the first then more grounded, if the later then less grounded. Also the pull of gravity on the fluids in our body may make some of us more uncomfortable during that time, and therefore more out-of-sorts.. Tides are governed by the moon. I’ll have to find my Oceonagraphy book to refresh what I know on that topic.

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@wundayatta “Nowadays, with solid houses, the werewolves are less likely to make the transition.”

This was always the case in locales with near-constant cloud cover.

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There is also a corelation between Full Moons and positive ions in the atmosphere.
I used to be an operator, and handled calls from a local prison, and we could tell when there was a full moon by the amount of craziness from there.

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People don’t feel weirder during full moons.

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I don’t know that ‘people’ do. Maybe some do, but I doubt it’s as common as you seem to think. I remember that when I was in college I fantasized that the full moon knew how I was feeling because it looked happy to me, when I was happy, and sad when I was not. There are some physical pulls (mentioned above) that occur at full moon time and it’s possible some people are sensitive enough to react to them. It might be interesting to find out more.

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I have absolutely nothing to back this up, but that old line about about the moon having extra pull or something when it’s full sounds like bullshit to me. I mean, we know the moon influences the oceans’ waves, but are they any different when the moon is full?

Science people. Speak up! I’m too lazy to google.

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They are werewolves?

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@College_girl That’s no excuse. Last night was the full moon. Tonight they should be here being science-y so I don’t have to.

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I feel WEIRD during ALL types of moons!!!!!!!!!!

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@fundevogel who should be being sciencey?

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If you “feel” something, it is for the light… but what is with the people working at night and sleeping during the day? There is no verification by the scientists about that… it is selffulfilling prophecy… or a phenomenom like ‘I slept bad and saw the moon in full shape, so I remeber that night better, because it was a full-moon-night and a usual on’.
There is no signifant difference or rise in crime, accidents etc… in full-moon-nights comparing them to ‘normal’ night.
I never felt such things…

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i feel pretty weird…...howls

Insane asylums also get strange on the moon

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People who are inclined to cause trouble at night might be more apt to be out and about because they can see better. Of course they are less apt to be hidden by darkness so they may be more likely get caught.

I am waiting to hear about the gravitational pull of a full moon. I did think that had something to do with it. Aren’t more babies born during a full moon or something?

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Tides are higher during a full moon. But in reality, that is influenced as much by the sun as the moon.

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What people? I’ve never noticed anything.

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In response to people saying the moon’s pull is stronger during full moon, that is not true. Its pull depends completely on its distance from Earth, and it is not any closer during a full moon than it is during other phases. Its distance from earth does vary, and pull will be stronger during perigee – the time at which it is closest to earth – but perigee and apogee do not correspond with the moon phases.

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@College_girl Science people who are also werewolves. Werewolves are actually well represented in science, vampires on the other hand dominate politics.

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@fundevogel That is absurd. Everyone knows how much politicans love mirrors.

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@filmfann psychic vampires?

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