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What is a good place to get an inexpensive computer?

Asked by nighttripper (162points) May 20th, 2008

I’m looking for a new desktop that will be good for playing games. I’m on a really, really limited budget (I hav $200 right now and want to know how much I need to save up to get what I want). I don’t think I want something used, but discounted computers would be amazing. Any helpful reccomendations?

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Retail you can get some good buys at Best Buy. Your timing is pretty good. The best retail prices come twice a year: before school starts and Christmas gift season.

Would you buy via Internet, because you can probably do better there.

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yeah I would actually perfer buying online. A. its easier to shop around and B. like you said i could probably find a better deal

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If anyone says ebay, I will punch them in the neck. Go to the apple store and ask about refurbished computers. Like new and cheap.

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Ebay is always an option – you can also get refurbished computer from a manufacturer – see link

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@jstringham21, if he wants it for games, I don’t think a Mac would be a good choice. Also, far from the most inexpensive options out there. I think a Mac is a fantastic investment, but it’s definitely high-end.

If you are feeling brave, you could roll up your sleeves, order the components, and build your own! This is what I’ll be doing with my next computer. You really can get the best deal this way, and you don’t have to pay for things that come standard on newer computers, like Blu-ray drives, or lightscribe.

ArchaicLion's avatar usually has good deals on components to build your own and often pre-builts for cheap. has some inexpensive units as well. They are built small and for niche markets though. I thought about one of these for field work because they remind me of a mini Shuttle I once used but these have better specs. You could make a gaming computer that’s similar in size to other consoles.

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