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How do I get rid of a burn mark?

Asked by trudacia (2508points) May 20th, 2008

I’m going on vacation next week. Last night, while cooking a tuna steak I splattered myself with oil. I have huge burn marks on my arm. It doesn’t hurt but it looks gross. Besides cocoa butter, is there a quick fix to heal quickly?

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I think Mederma might help. A friend used it for burn marks and surgery scars.

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The bad news you can’t change the required healing time much. You didn’t say what degree burn it is: 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Is there blistering? Was there pain at the time? Be careful to keep the burned area clean and dry. Look for signs of infection.

Sorry about the timing. I sprained my knee once two days before a vacation. I strapped on a hard brace and went, but I sure wished it hadn’t happened.

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If you don’t know the degree of the burn you should go in and see your doctor. Vitamin E oil works well. Like above also Mederma which is for the scarring, but you want to get the burn treated so it doesn’t become infected.

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minor burn. It just looks ugly. It’s a big red blotch.

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Trudacia. It probably would help to see your doctor. If the burns are minor, you can treat them with any generic triple antibiotic ointment like Neosporin (this is not generic, but used as an example). More serious burns might require wound care +/- silver sulfadiazine cream, a prescription cream used to encourage wound healing and prevent infection.

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Just cover it with a bandage and explain it as a tattoo that you’re not ready to show. Assuming, of course, you don’t have water in your plans.

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There is this silver based cream I’ve used for burns that works incredibly well. A quick google search turns up Silver sulfadiazine , but I’m not sure if that’s it.

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I’m allergic to neosporin so that stuff never works. I reccomend vitamin E supplements ozzed onto your burn. Take a vitamin e pill, slit it, squeeze the gel out onto your burn, and spread it around. That’s what always helped me.

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@xyzzy. Good suggestion, as you can see from my previous answer…

@lax. Being allergic to neosporin doesn’t mean it “never works.” Perhaps what you meant to say was, “I can’t use it, so instead I use vitamin E.”

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Ask a pharmacist or doctor about CicaCare… scar removal patch

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I think aloe works miracles. If I apply it (I’m fair) after a burn it heals faster and with less noticeable skin imperfections. It’s soothing, also.

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Neosporin, mederma or even toothpaste will help

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Yes, Aloe Vera is magic for burns.

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Noooooo whateber you do DONT USE TOOTH PASTE. I have Neosporin + Ice on my face because of that. Dont listen to people i got burned by it twice and i have type 6 skin ( IM BLACK!!!!) AND IT BURNS ME CRISPY. Use neosporin and ice it. lol i burnt my leg with an iron and it healed (with a scar)..... youll be fine.

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Try aloe vera gel it always works for me.

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