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Care to help my friend?

Asked by xxporkxsodaxx (1398points) May 20th, 2008

My friend is one of those few people who suck at dating and he asked for advise the other day about my friend Jessica. Now he asked me how to approach her and ask her on a date, I kept saying just go for it but he refused and was being a stubborn mule about things and insisting that it wouldn’t work if he did that. So when I pulled out my iPhone to check my fluther status, he asked what it was and wanted to know if I would ask the collective. So here I am a day later being the middle man, please be nice to him, I’m printing this page out so he can read everything for himself.

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If he is uncomfortable going straight for asking for a date. Why don’t you introduce them two in a “let’s hang out together as friends” way. Once they are friends, if their personalities are compatible, they will soon be able to get together alone, and once he is more confident with her, he can ask her out! Plus, who knows, maybe after he meets her, he might decide against asking her out anyway (in terms of compatibility).

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He knows her, we hang together often, he just wants to take it a step further. You know?

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gotcha. well have you spoken to her about him at all? in a general, tactful way..without actually letting her know about his feelings.

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No this was yesterday while she wasn’t there, so I haven’t really gotten a chance to be the middle man.

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Buy him a copy of How to Succeed with Women by Louis and Copeland. In all seriousness, it changed my dating life.

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As a friend, do you think he is her type?

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It’s hard to say, I’ve always heard that opposites attract and you shouldn’t really date friends. We all have a lot in common and obviously we’re friends so that kind of contradicts those two rules. I would say that he has a chance, but again I don’t really know what she thinks.

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opposites attract but they don’t normally stick together for long. you shouldn’t necessarily date really close friends, but I doubt they are that close. If I were you, I would try to find out what she thinks like I said before. As for right now, just keep encouraging him by telling him how girls like forward men. Once you know her general opinion, you can encourage him by telling him you think she feels the same way. Lay it on thick, worst comes to worse, tell him that either he tells her or you do lol.

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haha, alright will do, thanks for all your help, I’ll pass the word.

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Okay, my best friend has the same problem too. He’s really okay looking but I guess he lacks the confidence to approach a girl. Just ask Jessica if she wants to go out for some coffee or ice cream. Hang out for a few hours and end it there.Be flirty but do it very subtle and I’m sure you’ll feel confident about it.
Dating isnt hard,you just need to take the first step which is understandably hard.
Give that advice to your friend, he will have to eventually ask a girl out. Most girls don’t do it for yaaa.

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