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Has anyone heard from 'loser'?

Asked by richmarshall (1042points) May 20th, 2008

I admit I don’t read every single response posted, but I am hoping loser is doing alright.

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I am fairly sure I’ve seen him post since then.

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His profile shows his last log in was 5/20/08

Hope you’re doing better loser

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As mcbealer said his last long in was today.

@loser: Your fellow fluthers are here for you!

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Loser come home! And get a name that describes you better, too. Or we will.

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I think I’ve seen posts from him, but loser i hope youre okay!
I’m still wondering were Isteve went. :-/

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By the way, @Rich, you don’t read every post???? Are you serious?

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I have seen him post since that thread, although not in the last day or so.

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@trustinglife, I have resolved to change that heresy.

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@NoLongerLoser Can you pipe in and say how things are going? We care.

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wow! My own question! I am so honored!!!

I’m okay guys, thank you for your concern. Lurve all around!!!

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It’s good to see you’re ok, loser! I think you should talk to the mods about changing your name. You are a valued member here at fluther!

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I second bulbatron9.

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I third Bulbatron. Glad youre okay L.

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Hey! Hey! I said that about loser needing a new name WAY before Bulba did!
How come I’m not getting lurved all over for it and HE IS????????? Just because
he’s cute? No way.

See my original suggestion in new Question to be posted now.

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susanc I am sorry. I gave you some lurve! See ^

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Thank you, The. I am grateful and no longer having a hissy fit.

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