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Does it seem babies and young children have cooler clothes than adults?

Asked by AshlynM (10542points) January 26th, 2012

Anytime I see childrens’ clothing that I like, I wished they had it in adult size.

Does anyone else think this or is it just me?

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No. I don’t think you are paying attention. Most kids clothing is patterned after adult clothing. That’s sad but true. Maybe you are buying in clothes in the women’s department rather than juniors or misses.

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Yes – I think a lot of it is adorable. And stretchsuits look so comfortable! Afriend used to say she wished they made them for adults.

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They get great patterns and colors. Plus they get whole new wardrobes every couple of months!

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I have noticed that right now outerwear is brighter, has more patterns, and so on.

I hate grunge colors, and the last few years, baby boy clothes have been mostly grunge, which makes me shudder.

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When I worked in the childrens department at Bloomingdale’s we always commented, including the buyers and senior executives in NY, that kids, especially girls, are on trend. They pick up a trend much faster than adults. One reason is kids grow out of their clothes, so they don’t worry about something is going to go out of style. Plus, they xonstantly have to be replacing their wardrobe, so they are more likely to be buying the trends each year.

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Sure, particularly for shoes.

Why the heck can’t I get a pair of shoes in my size that light up when I walk?

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I notice this in the shoes mostly. The style in my area right now is to wear round-toe slip on flats that are shiny patent leather or covered with sparkles. I have been trying to find them, but they only have them in children sizes.

I do have a pair of twinkle-toe sneakers and pink ducks that I got from Amazon in “big kid” sizes. They are kids shoes, but luckily I have small enough feet that I can wear shoes made for a big 10-year-old.

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One reason may be is kids are constantly growing and need upgraded clothes. Adults can wear the same set of clothes for years because there is no need to get bigger sizes.

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I think its just they look adorable. Doesn’t hurt that the little tykes can make the clothing looking even better. It is just that its so tiny that anything can look cute. Your teens to 20 year old, don’t want to wear cute. They want sexy or serious. Your 30 and above usually want semi sexy to mature look or just plain comfortable.

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Yes, I like kids clothes.

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It’s cool when they wear adult versions of kids clothes, like khakis and sweater vests, but there’s some things I can’t pull off and kids can.

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I’d like the Garanimal tags on clothing to match up tops and bottoms.

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YES, EXACTLY!!!!! Little kids can wear yellow polka dot pants and a rainbow shirt with dinosaurs on it, where the hell do I find those in my size? And even if I did, can you imagine the stares I would get if I wore them out in public? Yes, I am very jealous of childrens clothing.

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I think this everytime the Hanna Andersson catalog arrives at my home. What? Why don’t they have organic cotton dresses in my size? Sure, they make some women’s sizes….but it’s mostly in brown or black. How dull!

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To the contrary, I’ve noticed that clothes for babies and children are made to me much warmer than clothes for adults.

And I often feel sorry for such kids. Their moms have them bundled up so much when it’s a little chilly, the poor kids must be sweltering.

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Yeah, but can you carry off that adorably short skirt with 5 tiers of ruffles in rainbow colors? With white tights and black patent mary janes, perfectly fitted sweater and matching cap?

Your shoes would be black patent high heels. How many cat calls will you get?

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