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If stupidity were a vegetable... (only brain-dead Yahoo! subscribers answer please)

Asked by zensky (13367points) January 28th, 2012

Where, oh where, has my Fluther gone?

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Aren’t you perpetuating this stupidity with this question? rofl

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Truth from diction.

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I’m a shame-faced owner of a Yahoo! email account, so I get to answer! I say, “Squash.”

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Me too. How ya doin buddy? Long time no see.

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A tomato.

“Wait just one moment,” you say, “a tomato is a fruit!” Yes, and that’s stupid.

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I have a Yahoo account – one of the first. My own initials. How cool is that?
Besides, I’ve never heard anyone yell “Gmail!” when bouncing on the bed.


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I know, I know. The answer is rutabaga.

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Ass from friction.

I have a Yahoo mail account too. Never been to YA though. I’m afraid it probably tastes like mentally retarded potato.

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@zensky : I’m doing good. I was sick for awhile and in the hospital, but I’m better.

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Oy – glad to hear you’re better. I’ve been working like crazy and haven’t been here much…

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Damn. HawaiiJake already said squash, so… Brussels sprouts.

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A vegetable, eh? Perhaps a squash. In the frizzer. But the frizzer is turned off and the pancakes are warm. Do you like rocks? Oh look, shiny! My stomach hurts and my feet are cold. Pipe and a crepe? Oh, how I wish for Tums. And socks. Why is the sky blue?

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rhubarb…... I am a christian yahoo acct holder, but I forgot my password…..Please forgive.

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As a stupid, brain-dead Yahooian, I have never even heard of fluther. How the hell do you expect me to know where it went?

You know, my Mom always used to attach my keys to my vest with some string and a safety pin. If you find fluther, you should try that.

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I have a Yahoo mail account I never use so, cauliflower.

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Meh. I do have a Yahoo account.
I vote squash as well. It’s so gross. I hate it when my mom tries to make me eat it. It makes me want to kill all squash.

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I use my yahoo email all the time… for spam.

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