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Is casual dating popular in college?

Asked by IzzyAndHerBeans (357points) January 29th, 2012

Is it pretty common for the idea of casual dating to occur while in college? After my previous relationship, I realized I don’t want to be tied down to just one person unless I feel like I know them pretty well. If I did some casual dating, I’d have more options, right?

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It seems like you would because you would be opening yourself up to more people and opportunity. Plus there’s the fact that your in a new environment and life is going in another direction.

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As I have said before, you are about to enter the wonderful world of unmarried guys. Most are playboys and just love you for the moment. Others are more serious and its up to you to make the choices.

I have never recommended a gal or guy go to college, while engaged or going steady with that person back home. You are to far apart and cheating just about always occur. The temptations are great. I think this is what separates the Geeks from the non-Geeks. Its been a long time since I went to college, but I am pretty sure its still the same as before.

Have fun and sow your wild oats. This is part of the college life….to learn and have fun.

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I wouldn’t say “casual dating” is popular really anywhere, most people cannot handle the person they like or love also liking or loving other men/women. But, in general people do sleep with others more freely in college so if thats what you mean then yes. Really it just depends on the people in the casual relationship.

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Oh yes, I dated a few, and hung out. and made out a bit.

be free, til you find a good catch that doesn’t annoy you.

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College is the place for casual dating.

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If one is the type of person that doesn’t get attached easily and can focus on their own projects without being told to then casual dating is super successful. Someone who casually dates will in fact get their name out in the college community!

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It’s not usually called “casual dating,” but rather students hang out together, they go for coffee, they go to movies, they catch some dinner. No promises, no commitments, no effort to impress each other… just company. Sometimes in the process you discover you like someone and that all changes.

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