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Is there a way to improve your hearing?

Asked by Pandora (30742points) January 31st, 2012

You always hear of carrots for your eyes, vitamins E, A, and C for your skin , exercise for your bones and heart, water for your kidneys, brushing your teeth and tongue for a healthy mouth and so on. But I’ve never heard of anything in particular for helping to improve your hearing. Is it a one shot deal or is there ways to help keep hearing loss from getting worse, other than not listening to loud sounds.

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I think that if you start putting down the volume on your television, it improves your hearing. You will train yourself to hear softer sounds.

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Hearing loss is irreversible, I am sorry to say. If you continue to have the volume set at high, your hearing will continue to deteriorate.

Turning down the volume will not improve your hearing; the best you can do is minimize the damage already done. Unfortunately, you cannot train yourself to hear softer sounds.

If you suspect you have hearing loss due to listening to booming noises, you need to get your hearing checked with a trained and licensed audiologist.

The only other suggestion is to have your doctor check to see whether you need wax removed from your ears. Do NOT try to do this yourself; you may make matters worse.

Final thoughts. I took a really bad fall in 2004 and broke the stapes bone, which is the smallest bone in the body and one of the three ear bones that conduct sound. As a result, and after three failed surgeries to implant a titanium prothesis to replace the stapes bone, I now wear a state-of-the-art hearing aid in the bum ear.

It makes my life much easier and is pretty straightforward to use.

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@gailcalled My husband has always had hearing problems. I know it has gotten worse from the volume on the tv. I sometimes feel, I’m in the middle of a war during a war movie. He plans to go see a doctor about it but I was wondering if there is any particular vitamin or nutrient that one can take to impove it a little.

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Go out, sit in the woods and just listen. Pick out the direction of the sound. Just relax and listen.

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@Pandora: I have never heard my audiologist make any suggestions along those lines in the eight years I have been working with her.

Probably, keeping generally healthy and eating sensibly, exercising and living a contented life will help in the grand scheme of things.

I take, as an older woman, vitamin D3. a B complex, Omega-3 fish oil, a few witch doctor things for joints and arthritis, a Chinese thing for high blood pressure and 2 T of ground flax seed daily. (When I remember, i drink some water with 1 t. of apple cider vinegar in it.)

I am in good shape and pleased with myself and my life; however, my hearing has not improved and is getting slightly worse each year due to normal aging. I can no longer hear the high squeaky sounds of many bird calls.

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While there’s nothing I know of to improve your hearing per se, there is a lot you can do to improve your LISTENING, and that’s almost as good. Even with reduced hearing, really paying attention to the speaker and looking at them (wearing your glasses if applicable) substantially improves the ability to understand and remember what is said.

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I protect my ears from loud noises and it has helped reduce, almost eliminate, the static I used to sometimes hear when I was in a quiet room. I doubt you can significantly reverse hearing loss, because I guess it is something to do with the nerves maybe? But, I do believe in the body’s ability to heal, and that taking away what might be further aggravating a condition can settle it down. I wear ear plugs in the movie theatre, also if I go out to a club, and some other places. Now when I leave a very noisy place I don’t have that soud in my ears that we get when exposed to loud noise for an extended time.

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Hearing is actually a one shot deal. Once it is gone, be prepared to pay big bucks for hearing aids and visits to the audiologist. My aids cost $6,000.00 dollars.

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@john65pennington: True but they are deductible as a medical expense against your income taxes and help bring down you AGI.

I also, without realizing it, use lip-reading skills when I am in a room with lots of people talking and worse, background music.

I also have no qualms about asking someone to take his hands away from his mouth, and in the case of several family members, to stop mumbling.

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There are five ways to improve your hearing
1. Maintenance is important. Avoid loud voices as these can damage your eardrum.
2. Regular EEnt check-ups. Make sure to add visiting an EENT (eyes, ears, nose, mouth) docto tp your list bi-annual along side your usual one.
3. Vitamins and medication. The following four vitamins and medications have been tested and proven to help in the maintenance of hearing. Acetyl-carnitine (150mg a day), alpa-lipoic acid (150 mg a day), glutathione (50 mg a day), and coenzyme Q10 (60 mg a day).
4. Sound source location exercise. Here is the first drill for sharpening your hearing. This helps your ear’s directional sense and requires a partner. Buy some small noisemaker like a horn or even a small radio speaker. Go to a large room with very little acoustic bounce off and furniture.
5. Noise filtering exercise. This is a drill for filtering sound. It’s simple as well. Tune in to a station that plays a moderately fast music. It should not be too loud. Then, talk to a friend. Do NOT raise your voice and carry on a conversation without leaning to hear better.

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^^Balderdash. Avoidling loud noise of any kind will prevent further hearing loss.

Nothing will reverse hearing loss.

Who tested and who proved the efficacy of the vitamins and “medications” you cite? Chapter and verse, please.

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Huperzine or Club Moss, and the Raceme family, a delightful family indeed.

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I’m not sure if there is anything you can take for hearing but there are a few activities that will help improve it such as: making sure your ears are clean and healthy, reduce noises and spend time in perfect silence so your ears can adjust to the overall environment volume.

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Also, Isochronic beats from a reputable source will certainly put your body in to a proper resonance, if you are willing to go that far. It has done amazing things for me so I never limit the possibilities which is so easy.

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^^Huh? Definition and citations, please.

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