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Is it tonsillitis?

Asked by sydsydrox (648points) February 2nd, 2012

My throat hurts so bad. It feels like I’m slightly suffocating when I run up the stairs or something. My throat is red and feels dry, even when I drink water to help. My mom gave me Halls to soothe the pain, but it has only made it worse. Is it tonsillitis? Please help me before it becomes worse.

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It could be. Only one way to know for sure and that is a visit to the doctors. Tonsillitis can be nasty and leave you feeling quite awful, so I hope it is just a sore throat.

When I had tonsillitis years ago, I had white blisters (for want of a better description) all down my throat and on my tonsils. It was excruciating to swallow and I felt very ill. I just did a very quick search for symptoms and those ulcers/blisters are a symptom of tonsillitis (and can also suggest glandular fever), along with swollen glands and fever. I stand by my opening comment…off to the doctor.

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Sounds like strep to me. The only way to find out is to get to a local clinic, nurse or doctor, ASAP. If it’s either strep or tonsilitis, you’ll need antibiotics. Halls will help a soothe a cough. It will not help with an infection or a virus.

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K, I’ll ask my mom to take me this weekend. Thanks!

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Yes it could be. It’s better if you see a physician before it gets worse.

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If your throat hurts the best thing is very cold drinks, popsicles, and spray some Chloreseptic. Avoid citrus juices and fruits, and other acidy things, and the menthol in cough drops would be aggravating to the area. Tonsilitis just mean swollen tonsils, itis been inflammes, so the diagnosis means not much in helping you know what is causing your illness. If you have a cold your throat will feel better within 48 hours, and then about 12 hours after you feel some relief you will begin to get a stuffy or runny nose. If it is strep throat you likely have a fever, and the throat will stay sore passed 72 hours. If your throat is still in pain by day 3, you need a throat culture and probably antibiotics. Strep throat almost never is accompanied by congestion, so that is another clue if the thrat ache persist past 3 days. If it gets better and you just have a cold you don’t need to see a doctor you can just buy some decongestant at the drug store. The one other common illness that can have a bad sore throat is mononucleosis. Antibiotics do not treat that, but some people get mono very badly, being unable to get out of bed from exhaustion, and some other possibly dangerous complications, but it doesn’t sound like you have anything like that.

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I found out it was just my allergies, from the weather changing. I feel better today, but I’m still going to set up an appointment to see if anything else is wrong with my health

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Thanks for the update @sydsydrox. My son also gets a sore throat from post-nasal drip.

Have you been taking your allergy meds regularly?

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