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Why do some shirts rip and tear easily at the neck and bottom?

Asked by AshlynM (10678points) February 8th, 2012

I’ve noticed this on Aeropostale and American Eagle clothes. Some Walmart clothes as well. Now I usually take to testing the shirts before I buy them.
But others I have noticed are made of superior quality and they don’t tear at all.

Why is this?

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Poorly stitched, on poor material. It’s all about mass production on material that is as inexpensive as possible., Necks are stress points that require special attention; machines don’t (can’t) do that, and workers being paid on piecework wages don’t have the time.

You get what you pay for.

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Because the material is probably very thin, low quality. If it is ripping at the bottom near your belt buckle, then the belt buckle is obviously rubbing on the fabric. The neck is stressed by pulling it over your head. Walmart, Target, Old Navy, all generally have extremely low quality fabric, sometimes you get what you pay for.

One of my biggest complaints in fashion now is decent quality moderately priced clothing is hard to find. Either items are cheapo poor quality, or very very expensive designer. Back in the day people were more willing to pay more for better quality, but back then America had more patience with keeping goods for longer periods of time. Now Americans generally think of everything as disposable.

Items targeted towards young people can be crappy quality, because they grow out of everything, so they don’t hold onto a garment long anyway.

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Look at It was designed to wear out so you will go and buy more.

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Cheap clothing.

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Look where they are made. The Israeli made products at Victoria’s Secret last forever.

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@LuckyGuy When I worked at Calvin Klein we had some items made in Israel, and undershirts my husband recently purchased from GAP, I think it was Gap, were Israeli made also. I am always happy with the cotton products I have purchased made in Israel. I also have some shirts made in either Vietnam or Korea, I would have to check, and the cotton is incredibly soft and comfortable. I remember it was a part of Asia, but not China.

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@JLeslie Thanks for backing me up. The Israeli made fabrics have such high quality (good “hand”). As VS slowly changes their product focus to younger and younger girls, “Pink” (jail bait) they have been forced to reduce prices. Now they have more Chinese made products in the store as well as other countries. Look at the quality difference. You can walk in and look at underwear or bras and easily compare quality. It is obvious.

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@LuckyGuy Part of the problem is the public demand and exceptance of crap goods. It drives me crazy.

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Me too. It’s what keeps Wally world in business. The first time the shirt rips we should bring it back and complain. Instead, we are so lazy we just buy another and thus reward incompetence and greed.

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