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Anyone have a quick sure fire cure for a sinus headache?

Asked by Pandora (29652points) February 23rd, 2012

I already took the regular remedies, asprin, and allergy meds. I really don’t have a stuffy head but I have a headache behind my eyes. Everytime I cough or sneeze, I feel as if the pressure is going to explode my eyes out. I really can’t think of what else to try. Usually I can find something but right now its hard to think of anything that will help.
Just so you know. I also have an upset stomach and my shoulders ache. The other two isn’t so bad. My husband thinks I may be coming down with the stomach flu or something because he says I feel warm.

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Go lie face down in a really hot bath, or hot tub if you have one. I swear by the moist heat!
Alternate with going face down in the tub and really hot compresses across your face with a wash cloth. It works for me! Oh the misery, I empathize!

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If you have a NetiPot or a Sinus Rinse on hand, those are the best. If not, hot steamy shower, and blow all that snot right out.

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The shoulder aches can be part of a nasty allergy/sinus issue. Happens to me all the time. Maybe your stomach issue is stress related, usually a stomach bug doesn’t have body aches, the regular flu flu does. Last week I was a mess from the unseasonable warm weather, allergies and my neighbor burning brush piles. I ached all over from my overloaded immune system. Feel better!

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@Coloma Thanks. Yeah, I think its allergies because I nearly sneezed my head off several times which like I said made my it feel like my brain was exploding my eyes out. My husband said that the pollen count was suppose to be like 90 percent today. I tried resting but I will wake up from a cough or sneeze. Actually my sinuses feel dry like a dessert.

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@Pandora Oh I know, it is so horrible, and your eyes are a mess, I call it “Lizard eyes” lol.
I have tried everything known to man and nothing really helps. It sucks!

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Do what @Coloma mentioned above. Then when done with the bath, go to the sink and alternate between cupping your face into warm, then cold, warm, then cold water for about 30 second intervals.

This time of year, my doctor’s office recommends: Daily dosages of Fish oil, Vitamin D and allergy pills to reduce sinus issues.

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@SpatzieLover eating my salmon now, hmmm.. Vit. D too? Well…I’ll try anything. :-D

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try applying a lot pressure to your each side of your temple with 2 fingers for about 10 seconds, then release.
Then do the same to your T zone.
Then to the area on either side of your nose, below your eyes.

learned that from a message therapist and it’s always helped me. :)

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Mad spicy food, perhaps?

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When my regular Dr. sent me to a Pulmonologist years ago, his solution was one word: Decongestant.

The most effective one is single ingredient Sudafed (brand name) available also generically as Pseudoephedrine.

This is the one, due to recent legislation, is kept behind the Pharmacist counter and requires your signature and proof of ID.

Don’t get fooled by the one on the regular shelves reformulated as Sudafed PE. This is actually Phenylaphrine and is only about 10% as effective as the real deal and certainly not up to the job of clearing out the sinus area behind eyes.

The difference between a decongestant and an antihistamine is that the antihistamine has a drying effect and gets rid of some of the stuffiness but the decongestant thins everything out allowing it to drain through narrow sinus passages.

The area behind the eyes is the most difficult to deal with because its so difficult to access, even for nasal sprays. Sudafed has a systemic (total body) effect and enables drainage much more effectively than anything else. Its also better to take it as a single ingredient pill so you don’t get potentially harmful amounts of the stuff added to the various combo formulations (such as Acetaminophen.) Etc.

Ever since I began regularly taking a decongestant as recommended by that specialist, sinus headaches are a rarity for me. They used to be a common occupancy previously.

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EDIT: a common occurence

Damn You Autocorrect !

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I get headaches often.
I recently purchased Capsacion. The brand name I am using is Allergy Buster. My head is hurting less,I am tasting and smelling better.
I have used many different kinds of noise sprays prescibed by doctors and Capsacion is helping more.
The down side is Capsacion burns when you inhale it and I know of No studies on it. I heard about it on Dr. OZ.

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Advil Sinus and a good saline nasal spray work wonders.

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