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Prom & after .. what?

Asked by punkrockworld (960points) May 23rd, 2008

Okay, everybody knows the myth about prom.
Who got laid on that day for the first time?What do you think personally? Because I think its just BS to pressure people. Let me know. And add how your senior prom was =]i wanna know!

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My prom was fucking amazing!!! Afterwards I shared a room with six of my close friends – four other guys and two other girls. No one had sex, but we did get really drunk. We all ended up in one big pile in the bed.

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@Allie) thats cool. Well I’m glad you had fun. So, the guys weren’t expecting to get some right? Because that could be really annoying.

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Nah, the guys were cool. All of us in the room have been friends since forever so it would’ve been odd if any of us hooked up. Really odd actually. We’re like…. family.

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i went in a limo and these annoying guys wanted in at the last minute, and they didnt even chip in. then, all my buddies got piss ass drunk and i had to find them a cab and pay (they never paid me back for when i had to pay the cabbie extra for the puke on the seats or when the other cab went to the wrong hotel at the other side of town) and hold their head above the toilet bowl. one of them had to go to the hospital and i was completely freaking out. i missed the 2 am migration to the “green space” which is the park that the school “owns” where apparently it was loads of fun. then i missed the camping trip with the entire grade because i was so traumatized by the night before. im not friends with those guys anymore, and i absolutely hated my prom.

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@Mtl_zack ) Aw that sucks! I think prom is way overrated anyway..

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I didn’t go to prom! I’m to punk!

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haha =] Did you regret it?

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Nope! I’ve got that on pretty much everyone! It’s a bunch of pomp and show! Why would I want to be a part of that? If it would have been a “Punk Prom”, then yeah, I would have been all about it!

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Yea thats how i think of it from one side but then again,its something Ive planned for like 4 months lol.

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prom was boring. food was bad. After prom party was kick ass though. we had tons of games and sports set up. and whatever game you won, you got tickets for it. at the end of afterprom they had set up a “college shop” where you could use all the tickets you won to buy important college supplies such as kitchen appliances, bedding/laundry stuff etc. it was late, but i was in serious competition mood (while most of my friends were exhausted) and so i kicked some serious ass lol. i got tonsss of college supplies and i was very happy . we too a limo to prom, but i drove everyone back home at 4 AM because i was still wide awake (i am a night owl). none of us had sex that night, there really wasn’t any pressure for any of us i think.

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cool =] good to know :)

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I forgot to mention that I threw the biggest “After Prom Party” of the century!

Four Kegs, Three Horses, Two Bands, One Grill, and a locked gate!

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Wow sounds good. Im having my own after party too but Im scared everyone’sgonna trash my place LOL

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I own some land on a creek!
For you West Coasters, a creek here is like a river out there!

I lived in Portland Oregon for a while, and I was like so this is a River? Yeah Right! Looks like a creek to me! What West Coasters call a creek, we call it a spring!

But Damn, West Coasters got some SKATEPARKS! We’ve got Louisville, KY!

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YEA KENTUCKY lol love it

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hahahahaha good 1

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uhh I got laid way before my prom so sex wasn’t a big deal. My friends and I had fun, we didn’t really drink or anything after. We actually went to this guys house and watched alot of porn, laughed at it, & then went to dennys….weird

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Pressure is never a good thing. You should be intent on having fun and don’t worry about the rest. Who gets laid, and by whom, is completely irrelevant, prom shouldn’t be about getting trophies for who scores.

I had a lot of fun, I didn’t get laid but I didn’t intend to, either. Prom and post-prom are events that you should look back fondly upon. If you approach it with a perspective that you’re creating a good memory upon which you can look back, then you’ll have the time of your life.

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my prom was lame. The chick I was with freaked out on me. Cause she thought I wanted to go with another girl, whom of which I barely talked with that night. And I knew of no one that had to “hook up” on prom night. One couple did oral crap but thats all I heard about.

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Party it up with some close friends. No sex involved.

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I didn’t have sex, but the last thing I remember is being belligerently drunk and chugging whiskey. The next memory I have is waking up in the back of my friends GMC jimmy with my feet hanging out the window. I can’t figure out why or how, but it happened. =)

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I didn’t go to the prom…I don’t remember what I did….probably watched the A-Team or something…and later jacked off!

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At my prom everybody was “Kung Fu Fighting.”

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@bulbatron. i kind of think that people who say prom is overrated are lame. mean prom can be overrated but its what u make it for yourself. its your last chance to get dressed up and hang out with a bunch of your friends, sometimes teachers, and you can always make fun of people you hate while you are there

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“and you can always make fun of people you hate while you are there”— well that’s mature.

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yeah for sure, but be honest there is always people from high school that we really hated

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My senior prom:

Girlfriend at the time picked me up, we went and ate, went to the prom, danced awkwardly (I’m so terrible at dancing, I even suck at being grinded on!) Bumped into our exes, had pictures made, went back to her house and layed around on the couch like we always did. Nothin’ special.

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