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Unwarping that which is warped?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28685points) March 13th, 2012

Wooden cutting board – has developed a decided warp. It’s about 14” by 18”. The center (looking at it vertically) is low and on the table, but the sides have curved up by ¼ to 3/8 inch.

Is this a lost cause? Can I unwarp a wooden cutting board?

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Soak it in water for a while (which is probably what warped it in the first place) and then clamp it between two flat surfaces. If you don’t have clamps or don’t want to spend that kind of time, put it on the counter with something flat and heavy on top. Let it dry that way and it should be straight, if a little frayed.

The wood is more malleable when it’s wet but usually only the edges get really soaked through in normal use so over time they curl a bit.

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As a last resort, you could sand the edges to be level. Could make for an interestingly shaped board.

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@funkdaddy, thanks, will figure out a way

@dappled_leaves – not worth the effort

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It could be that the convex side is moister than the concave side, causing the wood fiber to expand on that side. This can happen if you cut something on that side and sponge it down, leaving the other side relatively dry; or if you wash the whole board and leave it to dry with one side up and the other side where the air can’t get to it as easily.

Try spreading a damp dishtowel over the concave side and ironing it until the dishtowel is dry. This will expand the wood on that side. Then let the board cool with that ironed side down against a dry towel.

Might or might not work, but it’s easy enough to try.

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Do not lay the board flat to dry. The up side will dry out faster and shrink the underside will remain moist and expanded and cause the upward curl. Soak the board fully underwater for a day or two and stand in a dish rack on its side to dry.

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