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How do i impress her?

Asked by milkweed134 (3points) May 24th, 2008

well i just asked if i should ask out this girl so i decided i should but i need to know how i should make her like me.

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Well if she doesn’t like you then you need to spend time on getting her to like you, and getting to know her better. You can’t just her a present and expect her to say “OMG!!! WE ARE SOOOO GOING OUT NOW!!”, like it takes some time but I’m sure you can pull it off.

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This is what I told my sons (ages 14 and 16) if you want a girl to like you and she will at least acknowledge when you speak to her.

LISTEN to what she has to say, and treat her like you would your grandmother.

If you do this you will be able to work up to a date in a week or so, well by a month.

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you might get a restraining order against you, but i suppose you could always just go up to her and say “bitch you better like me now!”
she might kick you in the “family jewels” or punch you in the rib (my personal favorite) but at least you will have learned more about how to get a girl to like you…......or how to not get a girl to like you…...

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Wow. Helpful.

Do you know how to flirt? Flirting is the first step to showing a girl you are interested and getting her interested in you. Done right, good flirting will get a girl to associate your presence with a good feeling and vice versa. It gets her to first consider and then get used to the idea of being interested in you. A couple of dos and don’ts:

Don’t joke with her as rough as you would your buddies.
Don’t make jokes about her appearance.
Don’t joke about violence.
Don’t punch, poke or pinch her like you would your buddies.
Don’t make yourself the butt of jokes to entertain/impress her.

Do make “creative misinterpretations,” especially those that elevate her. For example, if she’s good at a particular subject or active in a club suggest that she’s the “Princess of [subject/club]. Keep that as a running joke when you interact with her.
Be relaxed, smile, make eye contact, and say hi to her.
Ask her about things she knows (her jewelry, music or movies that she’s into)
Ask her questions that allow her to express her feelings about things (Why do you think girls like flowers?)
Describe your feelings about things (the catch here is to describe good or romantic feelings; she’s probably going to feel what you’re describing, so don’t talk about the dead bird in the alley.)
When the time is right, use poetry (either yours or someone else’s)
Be romantic with your humor.

Most important of all, though, be confident and be your best self.

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i thought so….........

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You can’t “make” women like you. That said, here’s how to make women like you:

1) Don’t be a loser. Don’t be whiny, don’t be needy, don’t be a wuss. Have confidence and be secure in who you are. If you start questioning yourself on a date, she’ll start to question you too. Edit: On the other hand, no one likes a show-off either. There’s a difference between confidence and arrogance. Know it.

2) Make your best qualities shine. If you want to date this girl, show her what you got. Show her little glimpses of yourself, the stuff about you that you like most, and invite her to journey deeper and plunge into your personality. Flipside: if you’re not funny, don’t pretend to be. If you’re not a stud, well, let’s hope you’re funny. (And if you’re neither, just soft-shoe or something.)

3) Appearance counts. When you’re around her, try to look nice. Not necessarily your best – you still want to leave some room to wow her – but do try to remember your hygiene and wear your nicer t-shirts and jeans. Invest in tic-tacs, not gum. Maybe even whiten your teeth or work out a little (both are great confidence boosters, btw). You don’t have to “make” her notice you, that’s not the point. Just make sure you look like someone that could make her happy and take care of her. This means you must look like someone who is happy and can take care of himself.

4) When you ask her out, don’t pussyfoot around. Don’t make it a big deal, don’t have your friends do some spy work for you, don’t stutter and wipe your nose and sweat until you stink. Just ask her out. Recite something if you have to, but recite it until it’s perfectly natural. Here’s a tip around the nervousness thing too: if you think she’ll say no, don’t ask just yet. Ask when you think she’ll say yes. Otherwise you’re more likely to blow it because you’re too nervous about rejection. And finally…

5) _If she says no, take it like a champ. “No” isn’t always a no forever. I’ve dated girls that first said no to me. Here’s a thing you’ll learn about people (not just girls, everyone): they change their minds. If she says no, take it like a man. Smile, say a stupid joke, don’t be embarrassed, and make your exit as naturally as possible (as in, leave when you’d leave anyway). If you need to, punch your pillow, cry into your diary, whatever, but don’t let her see. You want to be secure, remember?

Good luck, buddy. Let us know how this works out for ya.

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if you call her princess of anything, her friends will make fun of you, seriously.
Just become good friends with her (but not like a “gay” friend… dont talk about her “feelings”)
if she likes you you will find out. You should try dating one of her friends, its wrong but it will most likely make her more interested in you, especialy after you and her friend break up….....chicks are such backstabbers to their friends.

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You can’t make anyone like you. If you pour it on too heavily, she’ll sense that it’s not genuine. If you show no interest in her at all but only talk about yourself, she’ll sense that you’re more into yourself.

Ask questions, and not just the simple questions, like what is your favorite food, what is your favorite color. Ask her what she thinks about certain issues, and if you find you’re in disagreement with her, don’t criticize her for having them, try to understand her point of view.

Listening to a woman is one of the most important issues in any relationship. Remember what she’s saying. She’ll be impressed that you have committed some of these things to memory.

Make small gestures that show interest. Rather than an entire bouquet of flowers, keep it appropriate to the level of your relationship, which is just beginning. Smaller things that will not make her feel obligated are better, and not with great frequency. A small statement of “I’m not sure what perfume you’re wearing but I like it” is a gesture of interest and positive feedback. It’s too early in the game to go overboard and going overboard can make her feel as though she’s being bought instead of courted by you.

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Just be yourself! Trust me on this one, you can pretend to be someone else but she will not fall for some fake persona. She’ll fall for you so just be your normal self and be a real gentleman.Whatever’s meant to be will be…

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By being yourself. If she doesn’t like you for her you are then she doesn’t deserve you.

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