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How does one escape the, "Your vehicle is hot" from the police?

Asked by whitecarnations (1635points) March 26th, 2012

When a police officer pulls someone over with the excuse that they pulled one over due to reports of that particular vehicle style being common in theft as of late, how does one escape a check?

Furthermore, do citizens have to absolutely provide I.D. as well as drivers insurance when asked upon for being pulled over in this particular situation?

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Wait wait, it’s legal for a person to get pulled over because they have an often-stolen style of car?

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I see no need to so long as you have a valid registration. However, ID is required just to make sure that the name on the registration matches as well as the VIN. Of course, that makes it tough for a legitimately borrowed car…

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If you get stopped while driving, you must provide a valid drivers license. Neither citizenship nor ethnicity have anything to do with this requirement. If you want to drive, you need a drivers license and it must be provided when you get stopped. Insurance is usually required as well.

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Not a lawyer, just a guy who’s been pulled over way too many times for no apparent reason.

They always have a reason, a bank was robbed, someone hit a pedestrian, a white car was seen fleeing an accident, some of them might even be true but my point is the reason they stopped you isn’t where you want to put up a fight.

The same goes for license and registration. Technically you need both to operate the car, so you’re breaking the law if you can’t provide them. This would be something to fight in court if you wanted to, not by the side of the road.

My understanding is that any searching they want to do beyond that would require some kind of cause or permission on your part. This doesn’t cover anything they can see outright. You should probably still be polite, but you can decline to let them look through your things.

They may decide to do it anyway and that’s something you would have to talk to a lawyer about your specific situation if they find something.

I’ve always been polite, always asked questions, and I’m always amazed at how sure they are that I’m a criminal, even with nothing heavier than a speeding ticket on my record.

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The hot car issue was an excuse. Next time you read the paper about speople being arrested, take a look and see how many times it was during a “routine traffic stop”. It is usually for an improper lane change or failure to use turn signal or some such minor infraction. You still have to present your license and proof of insurance regardless.

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You cannot be pulled over because your car is a style that is “often stolen.”

You can be pulled over if your vehicle “matches the description” of one that is being looked for (for whatever reason).

You can be pulled over for going as little as 1 mph over the speed limit, and other stupid stuff like failure to signal a lane change and what not. Police officers in fact can have your car towed and you arrested for you speeding as little as 1 mph. They just typically don’t because you would have a pretty solid case for a complaint if they did.

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Cops can pull you over for any reason they want. It’s just the reality of things.

If it happens as often as you suggest, you might want to consider securing legal counsel. Your attorney can advise you on how to handle future instances.

Always make sure you get as much info as possible during a stop, including the officer’s name, badge and possibly his/her unit.

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When I first started working my current hours, I got pulled over 5 days in a row. I get off work the same time the bars close.

I didn’t mind the first four times, but the last time, they set up their sobriety check point in the parking lot of the building I work in.

My truck sat their all night in sight of the checkpoint. The new fresh from the academy HP that pulled me over on Monday night decided to put me through the all field sobriety tests, when I passed them he made me blow in the tube, when I passed that he insisted I go to the hospital for a blood test because his meter wasn’t working.

That is when I said I wanted my lawyer present at any blood draws, and I wanted his supervisor to talk to me prior to my consenting to a blood draw.

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There is no escape. So all the more reason to make sure all your ducks are in a row at all times, which they should be anyway. So don’t leave a pack of zig zags sitting up on the dash.

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